Testech Real Time Remote Monitoring Systems

Testech Electronics developed and deployed GSM Remote Monitoring Systems for the purpose of measuring VOC, Water Qualities, Weather, Level and flow .  These System were solar powered, and utilised Testech RTU series PM025, PM052, PM035 depending on the types of sensors and firmware prior developed. The Testech RTU were low powered RTU with embedded GSM with optional GPS or Wifi that ensure tight integrated and power savings.  Typically current consumptions were in the 25mA to 55mA ranges in full power mode and is able to goes into deep power saving consuming only 100uA in power saving mode for battery self powered.  Testech RTU can be OEM for user custom developments, or we can customised the firmware for user sensors and proprietary TCP data transmission.

Real Time Remote Monitoring Systems Available

  • Water Level Flood SMS Alert and Remote Monitoring System
  • Holding Tank SMS Alert System
  • VOC Remote Monitoring System for Sewer with Gas Conditioning and Aqueous Sampler.
  • Temperature Digital and Analog Input SMS Alert System for Data Centre and Facilities
  • RainFall logging and remote monitoring system using Rain Gauges.
  • Open Channel Flow and Water Level Remote Monitoring System
  • Water Qualities Remote Monitoring System for AquaCulture
  • Construction Noise Remote Monitoring System to NEA mandatory requirement
  • Auto Samplers Remote Monitoring Systems using MQTT Cloud.

Real Time Water Level Flood SMS Alert and Remote Monitoring System

PM025 has been deployed in Sewer, Canal, River, Waste Water Holding Tank, Tide Gate for monitoring Water Level and Flood Alert.  The system can be self powered using battery, AC powered with a built in rechargeable backup battery as well as solar powered. The rechargeable backup battery provides up to 5 days of continuous full power monitoring and remote polling capabilities.  Large onboard datalogging memory and the ability of the GSM modem to send sms, ip data to monitoring system for user implement cloud monitoring. 

PM025 is ideally suitable for large scale projects due to it very robust embedded single board design. It can be customised and OEM by customer for project deployment.

Holding Tank SMS Alert Remote Monitoring System


  • For Holding Tank Waste Water Alert low cost
  • Very low power consumption can be solar or AC power.
  • Battery can provide 5 days backup power.
  • Support 6 float switches + 2 analog Level sensors
  • Optional beacon Light for AC fail and cirtical alert
  • Support 20 phones in 2 groups of 10 phones
  • Each Phone can be selected for daily health check
  • Graphic LCD allows ease of checking of system and IO status
  • Supports real time SMS query of IO status
  • 500K event datalog memory
  • Windows HMI USB for easy setup configuration
  • Very reliable, local 18 months hardware warranty.
  • Local manufacture and support provide 1-1 excahnge
  • Free local training

Real Time Flood Remote Monitoring System

Real Time GPRS/SMS Monitoring for Flood and Water Level for Canal, River, Storm Water Drain.
Designed for Solar Powered Remote Installation.

Real Time Water Pressure Remote Monitoring System

PM025PRV is a self powered main water pipes pressure remote monitoring system. It monitor water pressure from 0 to 10 bar and send off the pressure reading every 10minutes to a central monitoring stations

Real Time VOC SMS Alert and Remote Monitoring System

Testech custom design the VOC04 from the ground up to solve the complex control and cycles to managed the common problem plague by using standard fixed PID VOC meters.  Standard  System integration which are simply wire up of various off the shelve components  using PLC or Logger or simply have the VOC Meter reads and determine Alarm trigger will either degrade rapidly and is no longer measuring to calibrated range or giving false reading to the extend of  zero reading in high humidity and raining days. Testech has custom develop the RTU firmware, with a custom developed PID Fixed VOC Meters where the operation of the PID sensor is fully controlled by the RTU to manage the various cycles of presampling-sampling-cleaning-purghing cycles.    All reading and VOC Meter health are monitor by the RTU and it is a truly digital control system without using any of the analog output or alarm relay from the PID VOC Sensor.
Testech VOC04 consistently gives true calibrated reading, no false alarm over a 2 to 3 months operational period without any maintenance and is proven in the field.

Auto Sampler Remote Monitoring System

Testech provides the PM025AS for the mandatory last IC trade effluent sampling requirement. These auto samplers are AC powered, user programmable, easy to maintain and clean.  Testech has provide the PM025 RTU to remotely triggered the pump or indicate the end of cycles.  

Testech can provide  the MAXX Auto sampler can be remotely monitor on cloud monitoring that reports very detailed system status of the samplers including detail report of volume capture in every bottles, health status, details of error encounter using the custom factory provide Telemetry that communicate directly with the Auto sampler firmware. The Sampler can be remotely configure for start, end sampling, volume capture per bottles, number of bottles.  The tightly integrated RTU does not use simply limited digital or analog output from the samplers unlike other simple RTU.  The detailed operational status and remote configure can be operated via Testech provided Web base using open standard MQTT protocol

Rain Gauge Remote Monitoring System

The PM025RG is a low cost  wireless GSM 3G Real Time Remote Weather Station. User select-able rain gauge tip level can be easily program to match the tipping bucket (0.1mm, 0.2mm, 0.5mm etc) . Another 2 Weather sensors such as wind speed and wind direction can be added to the Rain Gauge.

The unit can be use for simple SMS logging or GSM IP Logging  whereas total rainfall for the day can be send off per day.

Open Channel Flow Gauging and Water Level Remote Monitoring System

he PM052FG / Tscada-FG s an advanced wireless RTU and Real Time Wireless SCADA Remote Monitoring and Alert designed for use with Flowtronics Raven-Eye Non Contact Radar Flow Velocity Measurement.

Water Qualities Remote Monitoring System for AquaCulture

Testech Tscada-Aqua is a PM052 RTU base water Qualities Remote Monitoring System for Aqualculture. This system monitor water qualities parameters such as PH, Dissolved Oxygen, Temperature, Level.   The system interface to Digital  MultiParameter Probes such as Insitu Troll  sensors using RS485 for low power consumption and can be powered off a small 20watts to 40 watts solar panel.   In addition to measure the water paraemters, the health state of the digital sensor are also reported for any fault.

Temperature Digital and Analog Input SMS Alert System for Data Center and Facilities

The PM025 is a low cost RTU that provides 2 analog input (4-20mA) and 8 dry contact Input for the purpose of monitoring Facilities, Data Centers, Air Conditioning Server room, Back up Generators and Pump.   It is provided in Aluminium Weather Proof IP66 Enclosures with AC Powered and Backup rechargeable DC Battery power that provides up to 5 days of backup power in full power mode. Optional Alarm Beacon and Siren can be ordered as factory supplied.

The windows HMI Setup Software is freely distributed for the purpose of configuring the RTU by any users with a complete detail setup to setup the type of digital alarm, alarm threshold and hysteresis and user group phone numbers and daily health check etc.   RTU can remotely poll all the IOs and GSM status remotely via SMS. A separate digital Sensor with LED Display and Alarm Setup is available.

Construction Nose Remote Monitoring System

Testech NMS uses the PM025NMS with Class 1 Sound Level Meters to monitor construction nose that are monitor at sites for residential, commercial, hospitals etc.  Under the NEA requirement, construction site are forbidden to exceed statutory set limit value and the system is able to predict the noise dosage LEL level and send alert to users.

NMS is solar powered and is mounted on poles with the Sound Level Microphone pointing at the construction sites.   The Nose Level LEL and alarm are web hosted.

Auto Samplers Remote Monitoring Systems using MQTT Cloud

The Waste Water Auto Sampler Remote Monitoring System interface to a custom RTU that communicates directly with the Maxx Auto-samplers and is able to get very detailed operational and health status of the Auto sampler which cannot be possible using the standard digital output or analog output provided by the sampler.

The status returns includes:-

  • Start and End Time Of Samplers
  • Number of Bottle to be captured.
  • Volume of Sample Capture by Each of the 24 bottles.
  • Temperature inside the sampler unit
  • Detail Health Status
  • Detail Error Status to help field service.

All of the detail operational setup start time, number of bottles and volumes to be capture per bottles can be remotely configured.  This is such possible due to the RTU digital communication directly to the Auto sampler. Pic to be shown is maxx sampler, Screenshot of Web and GPS

Driver Software for PM052 / PM025

PM025 GSM IP RTU Digital Input Analog 4-20mA RS232 RS485 DIN mount OEM Customise