Systec Electronics GW-003 Can-Ethernet Gateway DIN Mount

CAN-Ethernet-Gateway GW-003


The CAN-Ethernet Gateway has the following technical features and

  • Monitors and controls remote CAN networks over the Internet
  • Couples two CAN networks
  • Gateway configurable via Telnet (remote maintenance) or RS-232
  • based on internal file system for configuration data
  • capability of executing scripts (e.g. upon start up of the Gateway)
  • flexible configuration through implementation of multiple interfaces (refer to section 4.2)
  • multiple filter mechanisms for CAN messages with the possibility of prioritization
  • Generation of a time stamp for CAN messages
  • connection to Windows application programs for CAN and CANopen
  • 7 LEDs for visualization of the Gateway’s state
  • generation of CAN error messages
  • high data throughput
  • 10Base-T interface (10 MBit/s) with RJ45 socket, galvanic isolated
  • CAN interface according to CiA 1 DS102, up to 1 MBit/s, high-speed CAN according to ISO11898-1/2, galvanic isolated
  • CAN bus connection, D-Sub-9 plug and 5-pin removable screw clamp connector according to CiA DS102 or DeviceNet standard
  • Supports CAN specification 2.0A (11-bit CAN identifier) and 2.0B (29-bit CAN identifier)
  • RS-232 interface via D-Sub-9, hardware flow control
  • Supply voltage 24 VDC +20% -60%, reversed polarity protection
  • Current draw approximately 90 mA
  • Power connector, 2-position removable screw clamp connector
  • Dimensions without connectors, 70 x 100 x 61 (L x B x H) mm³, suitable for DIN/EN rail assembly
  • 1 CiA, CAN in Automation, international users and manufacturers group CAN-Ethernet-Gateway
  • 8 © SYS TEC electronic GmbH 2010 L-1032e_10
  • Protection level: IP20
  • Operational temperature range 0°C to +70°C