REYAX is a IoT total solutions provider of high-quality modules, engineering designs and supply chain services to electronics manufacturers. We aim to provide variety of Wireless Receiver Module for IoT market and has diverse our product line into different field including : LoRa, Wi-Fi, Cellular, RFID, GNSS, ISMRF, Bluetooth, Audio, Cloud and all IoT solutions. We have professional engineering team that supports customers’ customized firmware and help our customers design new PCBA or final products.

MQTT IoT cloud platform

Comprehensive multi
protocol wireless
solution, Energy Efficient

Support different range of connections
for various kinds of Bluetooth devices

High performance and sensitivity LoRa
module with antenna. Low power long

Monolithic low
IF architecture CMOS
FSK/GFSK TRX for wireless applications in
the ISM bands

in programming options suitable for
wide range of applications

Ultra low power and the world smallest
GNSS module with antenna

Testech Electronics provides full complete one stop solutions including Real Time RTOS, Embedded C/C++/EC++ Compiler and debuggers, Real Time In circuit Emulators, JTAG/BDM Interface, Device programmers as well as development services.