GSM Modem Modules, RF Modem, (915MHZ/2.4GHZ/868MHZ), 802.11 Wifi Modules, SMS IP Data Remote Terminal Unit, Data Acquisition Modules


M2M RTU Telemetry and SCADA HMI Software for Wireless Remote Monitoring, SMS/GPRS Remote Monitor Terminal (Support DIO, Analog, Relay Output). System Integration, Embedded Hardware/Software Project related to M2M and Remote Telemetry. Design and Development Services.
Includes Water and Weather Sensors, as well as HVAC Sensors Monitoring and Alarm/Alert Notification/ SCADA HMI.


Wireless modules in mPCIe, Header, SMD
(4G LTE, NB iot, 3G, Wifi, LORA, Bluetooth, ISM RF, UV Sensor)


GSM/LTE Mobile Base Station and Simulator, Mobile equipment for Core Network, affordable software-defined mobile network serving primarily MNOs and MVNOs globally