Wireless Modules / RTU

GSM Modem Modules, RF Modem, (915MHZ/2.4GHZ/868MHZ), 802.11 Wifi Modules, SMS IP Data Remote Terminal Unit, Data Acquisition Modules


M2M RTU Telemetry and SCADA HMI Software for Wireless Remote Monitoring, SMS/GPRS Remote Monitor Terminal (Support DIO, Analog, Relay Output). System Integration, Embedded Hardware/Software Project related to M2M and Remote Telemetry. Design and Development Services.
Includes Water and Weather Sensors, as well as HVAC Sensors Monitoring and Alarm/Alert Notification/ SCADA HMI.



IOT Module Adaptor development kit HMI Mobile HMI App easy integration for Bluetooth WIFI NFC Lora GSM


Wireless modules in mPCIe, Header, SMD
(4G LTE, NB iot, 3G, Wifi, LORA, Bluetooth, ISM RF, UV Sensor)


GSM/LTE Mobile Base Station and Simulator, Mobile equipment for Core Network, affordable software-defined mobile network serving primarily MNOs and MVNOs globally