Water Pressure Monitoring System

The PM025PRV is a low cost, very low power remote monitoring system designed for self powered or solar power to monitor the main water pipe pressure.   In the distribution of portal water to each estates, the main water pressure were maintain at a certain water pressure to ensure water supply are pump to each home.  It is useful then the municipal would like to know the maximum water pressure dip during peak usage hour.

Water Pipe Pressure Remote Monitoring System

The System uses ABB IP68 Pressure Meter which are powered intermittently by the RTU which is normally in deep sleep ultra low power mode. The RTU wakes up intermittently at user set interval (typical 10minutes) to measures the inlet and outlet pressure in the main water chamber. At predetermine set interval, the reading is send via SMS to the central monitoring system using compressed binary format.   A Central Server running TSCADA windows log the reading and serve the reading on the website.

This system is install to monitor main pipe water pressure that delivers potable water to estates. It is useful for providing real time monitoring for dignostic of low water pressure, optimised the main water pressure.

Water Pressure IP68 Installation in Manhole

The System can be self power using 40AH Lithium battery that provides for 18 months of operation without replacing battery using the low power mode updating the TSCADA server every 4 hourly with a 10minus mesaurement interval. Or it can be use to provide real time update every 5minutes.

The System uses PM025 Programmable RTU with Graphic LCD Display, onboard Flash logger memory and GSM Modem to send SMS at fixed intervals to a central monitoring server. Optionally the unit can send GSM IP Packet. The System can also send Low pressure alarm and handle user hand phone query for the current water pressure (in and out pressure)

The Server Software allows to view the log data in tabular format, graphic trend and export to excels.