Water Level Alert Remote Monitoring System

PM025WL is a low power, low cost GSM remote monitoring system for water level and flood alert. This system continuously measures water level and detect rising water level when it reach high and critical level in Canal, River, Creeks, Holding Tank, Over pump control station, tide gate, Sewage and send alert to users hand phone . When this happens, it will send SMS Alert immediately to users and optional send the data to remote central monitoring server. The RTU allows user to remotely query the water level status, input status in real time using the user hand phone. The system has been install all over different location in Singapore for detecting flood in sewer , canal, holding tank and tide gate.

The Alert are send when water level exceed high level and critical level. In addition the system support real time SMS Query from user mobile phone. User may check the water level discrete and analog actual water level (if level sensor are installed such as hydrostatic pressure sensor, ultrasonic level sensor or radar water level sensor). Many deployed site in Singapore includes construction sites, sewer rehabilitation, waste water holding tank, over pumping system, Canal, Open Channel Drain, Inland to Sea Tide Gate Control Station.

Sewer Surcharge Alert in Singapore
Flood Alert System Orchard Road
PM025WL Level Alert With Beacon

The PM025WL RTU has a large 128×64 Graphic LCD that shows in real time the IO Status, GSM Status, SMS Sending Status, Alarm Status. This save the field service technician a lot of time in the field without having to connect laptop. And giving assurance of the functionalities of the system with direct visual display.

Site Deploy Water Level Flood Alert at Singapore Canal, Inland to Sea Tide Gate Control

Water Level and Tide Gate Control are responsible for sending user Water level which can arise in unusual heavy rain downpour in inland Singapore and where the Tide Gate needed to be open to let the canal Rain Water flow out to the sea.

And in canal widening projects water level needed to be monitor to ensure the flood gate is open when necessary when water river rises up to critical level.

Testech Water Level Flood Alert System can be equipped with 2 analog water level sensor to indicate the level on the inshore and sea level. Optionally the data can be send to a central monitoring station for historical view of water level and web access for user to download the data.

PM025 Boot Screen
Boot Screen Shows Phone and Alert Setup
Floor Alert At Geylang River Singapore Tide Gate
Water Level Alert System at East Coast Singapore Tide Gate

Optional Web Access for Water Level Alert Monitring

PM025 RTU firmware is free lifetime upgradable by user using the provided free windows HMI using USB interface.

For even much low power application using smaller solar panel, rs485 level sensors can be use instead of 4-20mA whereas the sensor only consumed 100uA using the RS485 interface on the RTU. PM025WL can be customized for your multi site project for example to add other sensor such as Rain Gauge, Water Qualities, level and flow projects.

The PM025WL GSM Water alert system can operate in the following power mode:

  • Full Power Mode: RTU and GSM are continuously running, the maximum power consumption is 55mA @12V allows 5 days.
    In this mode the SMS alert are send immediately and user can query anytime. This is the most common usage for real time water level alert and monitoring deployment as surcharge are needed to be notify immediately
  • Medium Power Mode: RTU is running continuously, GSM is only turn on for sending SMS Alert.
    In this mode the GSM Modem is only turn on when needing to send SMS or daily health check. 7AH battery allows 12days and a larger battery can be added for 40 days operational using 24AH Battery. Typically use for battery self powered site
  • Low Power Mode: RTU runs at predetermine wake up interval and drawing only 2mA allowing standby up to 100 days with 7AH Battery.
    This mode is meant for intermittent logging and monitoring application for example wake up every few hours to check and log data.
    This is useful for self powered battery operational where users does site maintenance every 3 months to 6 months.


  • 8 protected Digital Input, 2 x 4-20mA 12bit ADC Analog Input
  • Choices of IP68 float switch, Hydrostatic Pressure Level Sensor, Ultrasonic Level Sensor, Radar Level Sensor.
  • USB Interface for user setup using Free RTU Setup For Windows
  • 4MByte onboard non volatile flash memory for event and datalogging
  • RS232C or RS485 for interface to Digital Sensors (water level, water qualities, weather sensors or other instrumentations)
  • Embedded 3G GSM (future upgradable to 4G) Quad Band
  • 128 x 64 Graphic LCD for IO, SMS and System Status ease field maintenance.
  • Low Power (55mA @12V), operate up to 5 Days without Sunlight
  • Support digital Sensor via RS232 or RS485 (NRE Applied)
  • Programmable Digital debounce allows float switch from default 2secs to 99secs
  • IP66 Aluminum Weather Proof Enclosures with Solar Charger, 20Watts Solar Panel, Lightning Arrestor and ON OFF Switches.
  • Terminal Barrier allows easy termination of float switches.
  • Optional Beacon and Siren provide visual and audible alert for site notification
  • Supports up to 20 Phone Numbers
  • AC Powered, Solar Powered or both, with backup Battery 7AH
  • Very reliable, 18 months hardware warranty
  • Standard Wall Mount, or optional Pole Mount on portable Tripod or Pole Mount.
  • RTU alone can be OEM for user to develop their own applications using Testech provided board support firmware library for custom projects.
  • Firmware Free Lifetime Up gradable.


  • Sewer Level Surcharge Monitoring and Alert System
  • Canal Water Level flood Monitoring and Alert System
  • River Water Level Alert and Monitoring System
  • Tide Gate Control, Alert and Monitoring system
  • Waste Water Holding Tank Alert and Monitoring
  • Sump Pump
  • Data Center Flood and Facilities Alert