Water Qualities Remote Monitoring System

Testech Tscada-Aqua is a PM052WQ RTU base water Qualities Remote Monitoring System for Aqual culture. This system monitor water qualities parameters such as PH, Dissolved Oxygen, Temperature, Level.   The system interface to Digital  Multi Parameter Probes such as InSitu Troll  sensors using RS485 for low power consumption and can be powered off a small 20watts to 40 watts solar panel.   In addition to measure the water paraemeters, the health state of the digital sensor are also reported for any fault.

Fish Farm Water Qualities Remote Monitoring

Water Qualities Parameters

A typical Fish Farm wold monitor the PH, Dissolved Oxygen, Temperature and Level. Other water qualities measurement may add turbidity,Chrolophyll for toxic Algae. The PM052 RTU for the water qualities are typically connect to multi parameter probes digital via RS485 which makes it able to measures other parameters digitally on the probe including probe health status, probe error report or calibration validity.

Web Base Fish Farm Water Qualities Remote Monitoring
Mobile Web Access Water Qualities Fish Farm
Google Map Location of Fish Farm Remote Monitoring

Solar Power Fish Farm Water Qualities Monitoring

The Testech PM052WQ together with the Insitu Troll Sensors, or Xylem multi paretmer problem consume very little power little over less than 200mA allowing a small solar panel and a smaller battery to back up for 6 days continuous without sunlight. Other than digital probe analog probe could be use with the 8 channel of 4-20mA analog input.

Fish Farm Water Qualities Monitoirng
Deploy Water Qualities Probe in Fish Farm

Remote Monitor SCADA For Water Qualities

The central monitoring is a TSCADA windows and Web Base SCADA. The PM052WQ RTU sends the water qualities parameters to the Server which will log the data, export data and present the data on webpage for viewing of the real time parameters in tabular and graphic plot and allows user to download the data. The user may implement their own SCADA if they so wish or just implement the Web pages using the real time export log data from the TSCADA Server.

SMS Alert for Water Qualities

The TSCADA server will send water qualities alarm via SMS and Email such as low oxygen, low water level etc to the end user hand phone. In addition if the sensors develop problem the error are detected and the user shall be alerted to initiate a site service routine