emPower OS

SEGGER’s emPower OS is a complete operating system that provides the ideal environment for any developer creating an embedded system or IoT device. It can be adapted to run in resource-constrained, single-chip microcontroller systems without external memory or scaled up for highest performance without unnecessary overhead on application processors (MPUs). This all-in-one easy, cost-effective solution supports any vendor, any chip and any cloud provider making it risk-free to change suppliers and individual hardware platforms.

Meeting all the requirements of a cutting-edge, high-performance operating system, the emPower OS software package includes:

  • Real-time operating system (RTOS)
  • Standard software libraries  /middleware
  • Security algorithms and protocols
  • Connectivity libraries (USB, Ethernet, WiFi, Modbus)
  • User interface & graphic libraries
  • File system & compression algorithms

All software components work seamlessly together and are continuously tested on a variety of microcontrollers / microprocessors from different vendors. They are written in plain C and can be compiled by any standard ANSI/ISO C compiler.

Getting started with emPower OS is easy, and that’s only the beginning. It also significantly reduces the time required to deliver a product by using robust, well-tested components that simply work. The software components also serve as the solid foundation in SEGGER hardware products, such as the J-Link debug probe, the J-Trace streaming probe and the Flasher production programmer families.

Key features

  • Set up with proven components
  • Makes it easy to port the software between different hardware platforms
  • Independent from single providers & manufacturers
  • One-stop solution developed & supported by SEGGER
  • Start application development immediately
  • Runs out-of-the-box on hundreds of popular hardware platforms
  • Royalty-free under SEGGER commercial licensing

All-in-one solution

emPower OS is a modular all-in-one solution: All software components come from one vendor and are designed to fit together in any combination. Each module is pre-configured to set up its tasks and other resources using embOS as the underlying RTOS. Furthermore, interface layers are set up to enable interconnection of components or to extend them with additional features, classes and protocols.

All software components that directly or indirectly require additional hardware components use well-defined driver interfaces and configuration layers, which are readily available with emPower OS.

Iot Toolkit

Effortless integration

emPower OS can be used in any project. To get started, users can select one of more than 50 embOS ports to match their target CPU / architecture and development environment. emPower OS additionally includes driver packages for getting product development started easily and with the flexibility to upgrade or redesign the product hardware later. With a multitude of readily available drivers and configurations to choose from, applications can easily be created and ported from one hardware to another.

With embOS port and a driver package, users can get ready-to-use projects for their dedicated hardware. Building a firmware on top of that or integrating it into any existing project is then effortless.

Versatile connectivity

Most modern embedded systems are connected — to each other, to a bridge, broker or server, or to the cloud. emPower OS includes connectivity modules to support communication via various interfaces, such as Ethernet, WiFi, or USB.

Additional layers and protocols on top of that, for example MQTT, SSL/TLS, and the IoT Toolkit, enable connection to any cloud provider or service, enabling maximum flexibility and ensuring connectivity regardless of the communication channel.

High scalability

emPower OS is a highly scalable solution. It runs on platforms of all sizes, from tiny, ultra-low-power single-chip solutions to high-performance machines with application processors, external memories, and external peripherals.

Each component features configuration switches to tune performance or turn features on and off. The modular setup of all software allows the user to link only the required parts into firmware, leaving more room and power for the actual application.


emPower OS is available under various Embedded Software License models and delivered in source code packages. With a wide range of licensing options, emPower OS can fulfill commercial requirements as well as technical requirements. All licenses are one-time payments. emPower OS is royalty-free and not subscription-based. This makes the software a part of the equipment expenses, keeping the costs static.

The emPower OS licenses include:

  • 6 months of updates and support by SEGGER’s Embedded Experts, and
  • 2 emPower OS Driver Packages.

To develop multiple products with one license (if applicable), or when a product is redesigned more than once, additional emPower OS Driver Packages can be purchased separately and used with an existing active emPower OS license.

* Applies to second seat/product and all additional seats/products of the Single Product License and Single Developer License.

emPower evaluation boards

The emPower evaluation board is particularly suitable for an easy start. It enables use of all components of emPower OS, offering the ideal platform for customers to run initial emPower OS projects on a proven hardware setup. The emPower evaluation board includes peripherals for USB Host and Device, Ethernet, file storage, and a display. It has three expansion interfaces that may be equipped with RS232, WiFi and other modules.

The emPower Zynq evaluation board is specifically designed as a demonstrator for high-end application processors. It features a Cortex-A9 processor running at up to 666 MHz in a Xilinx Zynq-7000S SoC with FPGA. The on-board J-Link OB and the external debug and trace interface together provide easy access for programming and debugging. Interfaces for SD Card, USB and Ethernet enable direct use and evaluation of emPower OS components.

emPower Evaluation Board