IAR Systems

Embedded C/C++/ EC++ Compiler, IDE, Simulator, Debugger for 8, 16, 32, and 64 bit MCUs including ARM, cortex, RISC-V. 8051, STM8, MSP430
Flashing Software Tools
Functional Safety Tools
Static Code Analysis.
RunTime Dynamic debug. Inception Suite Security
iJet-ARM and iTrace Debug pobe.

Easy to implement Embedded WebServer with MQTT and TLS for C/C++
(Support RESTful API, MQTT/WebSocket bidirectional Communication)

PercepIO is the premier visual trace solutions for embedded RTOS and linux software developers. It provides runtime behavior, rtos resources/ event view. Support FreeRTOS, UCOS, ThreadX, Zephyr, Azure, Keil, VxWorks and Linux


In System Programmer/UDE Debugger (Windows, DLL Library) for JTAG, BDM support ARM, Cortex XC16x, XE166, iMX, Tricore, Aurix, PPC, S32x

Real Time In Circuit Emulator, HLL Debugger for Philips (TV Micro, SmartMX, 8051, 8051MX), ARC, ARM, 8051, Motorola, Infineon Tricore.

Embedded Embos RTOS , J-Link, J-Flash, J-Trace, Flasher, JTAG Programmer, Embedded Studio, Linux Studio, Ozone Debugger, RTOS System View

Powerful and Low Cost Univeral Device Programmers, Gang Programmer, E(E)Prom Programmer, UV Eraser, Low Cost MCS51/AVR/PIC Programmer, Serial EEPROM Programmer, Microchip Programmer, ISP Programmer. 3 years HW Warranty, Free Lifetime software update!

Universal ISP Relay Demultiplexers for Production Line ISP Programming or Testing.

AM186, AM188, i386EX, 586  Controller Board, Camera Modules, USB, Signal Conditioner, Motion   Controller (Servo, Stepper), Relay Board, Graphic LCD Driver with device driver libraries for easy programming and short time to project completion. No need to write device drivers!

PCAN CanBus Interface(PCI, USB, LPT, ISA, PC104), CANBUS Sofware, Analyzer, Embedded CANBus Modules, Accessories

CAN Bus Datalogger , Interface with Open Source DashBoard API

CAN Interface for USB, Bridges and Gateways, Software Tools, Embedded Platform, Accessories

CAN Tools, Small and cost-effective interface device that connects to any PC USB Port and provides instant CAN Bus connectivity, Very small blue dongle that plugs into any PC COM Port, or any other RS232 port in an embedded system and gives an instant CAN connectivity

M2M RTU/Telemetry and SCADA HMI Software for Wireless Remote Monitoring. Send SMS/IP Data via LTE/3G, (Support DIN, Analog, Relay Output and digital sensors). Can be OEM or customised for user projects. Supports Sensor : Water and Weather Sensors, Sound Meter, External UPS etc

IOT Module Adaptor development kit HMI Mobile HMI App
easy integration for Bluetooth WIFI NFC Lora GSM

Wireless modules in mPCIe, Header, SMD (4G LTE, NB iot, 3G, Wifi, LORA, Bluetooth, ISM RF, UV Sensor)

Low Power RTU Telemetry Logger with GSM/LTE/GPS/RF/Wifi For sending SMS Alert, Wireless IP Data to Remote Server.
Accept DIN, AIN (up to 16bit) -20mA or 0-5V, Serial Data via RS232C or RS485.
Interface direct to panel, sensors (4-20mA), or Digital Serial from Sensor.
Customization and User OEM welcome with low NRE cost for M2m IOT project or tender.

GSM/LTE Mobile Base Station and Simulator, Mobile equipment for Core Network, affordable software-defined mobile network serving primarily MNOs and MVNOs globally

COD/BOD/TOC Sensor Transmittter with Serial or analog 4-20mA for Waste Water Monitoring.

Sensor and Instrumentation for Water Level, Flow, Waste Water., Sewer, Portable Sampler, PH, DO, ORP, Turbidity, Multi-Parameter Probes, Data logger, Weather Station, Chemical Metering Pump, Transmitter, Meters, Display.

Solar Panel Dust Sensor, Noise Sensor, Air Quality Sensor, Wind Sensor, Radiation Sensor, Temperature Humidity  Sensor,   Rain Gauge, Soil Sensor, Data Logger, Weather Station, Radiation Shield, Water Quality Sensor , Turbidity Sensor, Dissolved Oxygen Sensor, Level Sensor

Water Level Sensors, Water Quality Sensor for robust ground water, Aquaculture. [Dissolved Oxygen, PH, ORP, Temperature]

Raven-Eye Non Contact Radar Flow Sensor for Open Channel, Wastewater, Effluent Measurement.