Flasher Portable PLUS

The Flasher Portable PLUS is SEGGER’s handheld, stand-alone service programmer for microcontrollers with on-chip and external flash memory. Designed as an extremely rugged, reliable and portable, production-grade flash programmer, it is specifically optimized for in-field firmware updates requiring a service technician. It is also designed with the customer’s end use in mind and has a long track record of proven success in the field, including in harsh environments.

The Flasher Portable PLUS comes with an intuitive user interface. The 20-pin target connector adapts to multiple standard and proprietary connectors through a wide variety of adapters from SEGGER and optional optical and magnetic isolators provide galvanic isolation from both the power supply and the programming target. The Flasher Portable PLUS supports a large number of CPU cores and an even greater number of different devices from various vendors.

Battery-driven or powered via USB, the Flasher Portable PLUS has 128 MB of internal memory. Up to 16 firmware images or programming configuration files can be stored on the Flasher, so one unit can be used for different targets, versions, or configurations. Desired firmware images can be activated by simply pushing a button, and the currently selected one will be displayed.

As a multi-platform solution, Flasher Portable PLUS comes with the setup and control software for Linux, macOS and Windows.

Key features

  • 128 MB internal memory for configuration and data file storage
  • Option for customer-chosen colors, corporate logos and slogans, customized splash screen and other corporate design elements
  • Full insights with the LCD display
  • High speed — typically between 30  KB /  second and 1 MByte / second
  • Low power consumption
  • Battery-powered — up to 10 hours of charge on an internal rechargeable Li-Ion 680 mAh battery
  • No external power supply required
  • Supports storing up to 16 configurations / data files on Flasher
  • Easy push-button selection between multiple images/configurations stored on Flasher
  • Reliability
  • Supports ARM, Cortex, PowerPC and Renesas RX cores
  • Data files can be updated via file access mode or J-Flash
  • Target interface: JTAG / SWD / FINE / SPD
  • Multi-platform: Includes setup and control software for Linux, macOS, and Windows
  • No license required. No hidden costs. No future costs.
  • Future proof: Software, firmware updates, and new flash loaders, are free of charge
  • Security: Flasher Portable PLUS and Flasher Secure support Authorized Flashing.

Supported devices

SEGGER Flashers support a wide range of CPU cores and an even wider range of different devices, such as SPI flash devices.

This includes support for tens of thousands of devices in hundreds of device families with billions of devices programmed.

Universal target support

Flasher Portable PLUS has a very flexible target and programming interface. This flexibility allows using the debug or dedicated programming interfaces of microcontrollers to program the on-chip memories as well as the programming of the off-chip parallel or (Q)SPI flashes. (Q)SPI can also be programmed directly.


Future software and firmware updates as well as any new flash loaders for target devices that will be added, are also free of charge.

  • No licensing costs, even for newly supported devices.
  • No hidden costs.
  • No future costs.


As a multi-platform solution, Flasher Portable PLUS comes with the setup and control software for Linux, macOS and Windows. Software and firmware updates are included. Similarly, use on all currently supported target devices, and any that will be added, is also included.

High-speed programming

The Flasher Portable PLUS is an in-circuit programmer using the same ultra-fast proprietary flash programming algorithms as the Flasher PRO and other Flasher models. Flasher programmers are designed to achieve top programming speeds, coming very close to the theoretical minimum programming time of the target hardware. In many cases, more than 95 % of the maximum speed can be achieved, often resulting in a programming speed of more than 1 MB / s. Maximum programming speed highly depends on the target hardware and programming speed of the flash itself.

Turbo mode

For microcontrollers which are programmed via debug interface and which allow memory access while the CPU is running, the Flasher Portable PLUS is able to minimize overhead by simultaneously downloading and programming. This “turbo mode” makes it possible to reach speeds not achievable by other programmers.


The Flasher Portable PLUS is highly customizable, enabling corporations to put a branded tool in the hands of their service technicians.

The in-field service technician is a frontline company representative whose tools reflect the company’s commitment to quality, reliability, and customer service.

Customization options

Options include:

  • Injection molding using company colors
  • Fascia branding with corporate logos and slogans
  • Customized splash screens content
  • Other corporate design elements
Flasher Portable Plus

Power efficiency

The Flasher Portable PLUS is powered by a rechargeable internal lithium ion battery, no external power supply required. Due to its low power consumption, the Flasher Portable PLUS enables more than 10 hours of continuous, untethered, stand-alone operation with only one battery charge, so work can go on uninterrupted.

User interface

The Flasher Portable PLUS has a robust user interface with a “Select” and “Program” button. A built-in 1.8-inch LCD display, on which important information about the firmware can easily be checked, provides direct feedback. It also displays additional information about the programming process, such as the current programming status.

Authorized Flashing

The Flasher Portable PLUS can limit the number of flash programming cycles, thereby limiting the number of devices to which the firmware can be transferred. This protects the IP against unauthorized access such as during external production or when a device is lost.

Flexible control and monitoring

The Flasher Portable PLUS is easy to set up and operate using SEGGER software tools. Once set up, it can be controlled without the use of a PC program.

Use cases

Field service programming for non-network devices

With the Flasher Portable PLUS, technicians are also able to instantly apply patches to a product without the need for access to a PC network or even wall power. Especially serviceable devices that cannot be updated over the air and are difficult to reach can easily be programmed with this handheld device and its simple interface.

This is the case, for instance, with hard-to-reach or hard-to-move devices like wind turbines. In the event of a bootloader faiure, it is hard to reset the device over the air so service technicians have to climb to reach it. In such as case it is helpful to have equipment that is not heavy or bulky. The Flasher Portable PLUS eliminates the need to carry heavy, cumbersome equipment and is quick and easy to operate.

Exclusive & secure flashing for in-field services

The in-field service technician is one of the front-line representatives of a company. The technician’s tools reflect the company’s commitment to quality, efficiency, etc. Using highly customized tools, displaying the company’s own brand, not only leads to a consistent external corporate identity but can also lead to higher trust in the technicians. It may also increase the technicians trust in their own company.

With the customized Flasher Portable PLUS the customer, in addition to getting a state-of-the-art portable flasher, also benefits from in-field company marketing. Especially in highly frequented areas, shopping malls for instance, where  bootloaders need to (sometimes can only) be updated offline in devices that aren’t connected to the Internet, the portable Flasher is the ideal tool for the job while generating attention and gaining customer loyalty at the same time.

Technical Specifications


Power supplyVia internal lithium-ion rechargeable battery (Sony US14500VR) or USB
USB host interfaceUSB 2.0 (High-Speed), USB Type B
Charging via USB70 minutes (at 1 A charging current)
Target interfaceStandard 20-pin target connector (optional adapters available)
Max. target cable lengthRecommended (delivered): 20 cm (8″)
Max. 2 m (6.5″) allowed but might reduce max. target interface speed.
Serial transfer rate between Flasher Portable PLUS and targetup to 50  MHz
Supported target voltage1.2 – 5 V
Current drawn from target voltage sense pin (VTRef)< 25 µA
Target supply voltage4.5 V max. (depends on current battery voltage)
Target supply currentMax. 400 mA
Operating temperature+ 5 °C … + 60 °C (Normal operation)
+ 5 °C … + 45 °C (Battery charging)
Storage temperature– 20 °C … + 45 °C
Relative humidity (non-condensing)< 90 % rH
Size (without cables)126 mm x 70 mm x 28 mm
Weight (without cables)140 g
Supported OSMicrosoft Windows (x86/x64), Linux (x86/x64/Arm), macOS (x86/Apple Silicon)

Package content

flasher portable plus
USB Cable
20Pin Target Ribbon

Flasher Portable PLUS

USB cable

20-pin, 0.1″ target ribbon cable