868/915MHz LoRaWAN Transceiver Module

  • Helium Compatible
  • Industrial LoRa SOC Engine
  • Customized firmware design support is available
  • AT Command over UART interface
  • High sensitivity
  • Temperature sensor
  • Low power consumption
  • AES128 CCM Data encryption
  • LoRaWAN class A, B & C support
  • LoRaWAN and LoRa Proprietary selection
  • RYLR993 Support band: US915, EU868, AS923, IN865, KR920, RU864
  • Support REYAX RYLR998 proprietary mode


The RYLR993 868/915MHz LoRaWAN Transceiver Module feature the LoRa long range modem that provides ultra-long range spread spectrum communication and high interference immunity whilst minimising current consumption.


VDD Power Supply1.83.33.6V
VBAT Power Supply1.553.33.6V
Frequency Accuracy±5ppmat 25°C ±3°C
RF Output Power Range-42022dBm
RF Harmonic-36dBm
RF sensitivity-148dBm
RF Input Level10dBm
Filter insertion loss123dB
Frequency Range820868/915960MHz
Transmit Current140mARFOP = +22 dBm
Class A Current5mA
Class B & C Current5mA
Baud rate9600bps8, N, 1
Temperature sensor Accuracy2°C
Digital input level high0.8VDDVVIH
Digital input level low0.2VVIL
Digital output level high0.9VVOH Imax = 1 mA
Digital output level low0.1VVOL Imax = -1 mA
Operating Temperature-4025+85˚C
Dimensions13mm x 13mm x 2.2mm