CSS DB9 Mini Gender Changers

(Female + Male, CAN Bus)

DB9 Mini Gender Changers

Need to convert a DB9 female port to a male port – or vice versa?

If you need to connect your CSS CANedge/ CSS CLX000 CAN logger to another male DB9 connector. You need a DB9 F/F gender changer.

Each pack contains 2x DB9 gender changers – 1 x male-to-male (M/M) plus 1 x female-to-female (F/F).

Key Features

About the CSS DB9 Gender Changers

CSS DB9 Mini Gender Changers are designed for use in CAN bus applications with pinouts in accordance with CiA 303-1. This means you can use them with CSS CLX000 CAN loggers, terminal resistors, DB9 Y-splitters and other cables. The CSS DB9 gender changers are not terminated. This means that you can easily combine the gender changers as you see fit as part of your larger CAN bus network (cf. also CSS DB9 extension cables).

Technical Specifications

General Table

Adapter Pinout

Adapter Pinout