CSS DB9-DB9/DB9 – Y-Splitter

(1x Male and 2x Female)

DB9 DB9 DB9 Y Splitter

Need to split your CSS CAN bus?

CSS DB9-DB9/DB9 – Y-Splitter is a low cost DB9 (D-sub 9) Y-splitter cable lets you easily split a single CAN bus DB9 connector into two connectors. This is achieved via the quality overmolded male-to-female/female DB9 connectors.

CSS DB9-DB9/DB9 adapter is ideal for connecting multiple CAN devices to a single port – or e.g. daisy chaining CAN modules.

Key Features
CSS DB9 Y-Splitter

About the CSS DB9 Y-Splitter

CSS DB9 Y-splitter lets you easily extend and branch out your CAN bus to e.g. add additional CAN nodes.

CSS DB9 Y-splitter is e.g. useful if you need to daisy chain multiple modules together or provide access for multiple devices through a single CAN bus port.

Dual CAN Telematics

CSS Dual CAN Telematics

CSS DB9-Y-splitter is e.g. often used in J1939 use cases to let you log data via both Channel 1 and 2 of a CSS CANedge – while at the same time connecting an external module like the CSS CANmod.gps or CSS CANmod.temp.

Technical Specifications

General Table

Adapter Pinout

Adapter Pinout