2Greet is a Core Network function that gives Voice service over LTE, 3G or WiFi. The network integration is seamless and it doesn’t need any special configurations.

This technology is for Mobile Network Operators that face challenges in implementing VoLTE. You need an alternative solution for providing voice over data to your subscribers. Use 2Greet for voice services in LTE or 5G networks and stop wasting resources on 2G/3G coverage.

Customer don’t need to invest more money in LTE or 5G spectrum because customer can reuse the freed 2G/3G spectrum that they got the license for.

The voice service is available for the user in every situation because 2Greet can CS Fallback to the GSM / UMTS network whenever data is unavailable.

2Greet has 3 components that make the entire process work:

Core Network voice function

This is a part of the operator Core Network.

Android Application

An App for the initial setup and configuration. After that, the subscriber uses the phone’s default dialer. It doesn’t drain the device’s battery and it is only used for configuration.

Redirect Service

This service allocates each SIM to the correct 2Greet Core Network function.

Features and benefits:

  • Seamless integration
    You don’t need to change the architecture of your current network.
  • VoWiFi included
    It automatically switches to WiFi when is available, unloading the network’s traffic.?
  • Android devices
    2Greet works on ALL Androids without phone vendor support.
  • Security
    The voice is encrypted by default using SRTP?.
  • Scalability
    You can just install more functions into your network if needed.
  • Constant support
    You can benefit from free support in the first 6 months after purchase.

Software specifications


Used for the communication between the 2Greet function and the operator’s network.


Connection for voice.


For MAP protocol.


For signaling.


Communication between the app and the Core Network function.

SRTP for security

Secure Real-time Transport Protocol provides encryption, message authentication and integrity for your network.


  • CAMEL connection for the GMSC
  • CAMEL subscription in the HSS / HLR user profile
  • Google Firebase Cloud Messaging account
  • TLS certificate