SEGGER NAND Flash Evaluator

Nand Flash Evaluator

The SEGGER NAND Flash Evaluator is a platform for easy evaluation of the emFile NAND device driver. 
It consists of a baseboard on which a microcontroller is mounted and of an adapter board that holds the NAND flash device. 

The adapter board plugs into the baseboard via a set of pin headers and it supports the evaluation of virtually any parallel NAND flash device in TSOP48 and VFBGA63 package with a data bus width of either 8 or 16 bits. 
The SEGGER NAND Flash Evaluator ships with an adapter board that has a socket for the TSOP48 package mounted on it which facilitates the direct testing of a NAND flash device in TSOP48 package without the need of any soldering. 
The baseboard is built around an ST STM32H745 micorcontroller that can run at up to 400 MHz clock frequency and that comes with 2MB of ROM and 383KB of RAM. The NAND flash device is connected to the dedicated NAND flash interface of the microcontroller in order to enable a fast data transfer between the microcontroller and the NAND flash device. 

The SEGGER NAND Flash Evaluator can be powered either via micro USB connector or via the pin of the debug connector that are mounted on the baseboard. The presence of the supply voltage is indicated via a green LED. The voltage supply of the microcontroller and of the NAND flash device can be selected to be either 3.3V or 1.8V via a jumper fitted on the baseboard. 
As an additional feature the baseboard comes with bi-color LED (green and red) connected to one of the GPIO ports of the microcontroller and that can be used by the target application to indicate the operating status. 

Software packages

emFile is provided in object code form together with a start project which can be easily modified to create custom applications. For programming and debugging a JTAG debug probe like J-Link is required.

Data Sheet

  • ST STM32H743 ARM Cortex-M7 microcontroller
  • Three 8-pin headers for connecting the flash adapter board
  • 2 color LED
  • 20-pin JTAG header
  • High speed USB interface
  • USB micro connector for power supply

SEGGER Evaluation Software

Included components:

ProductSupported features
emPower OS
embOSCore + Profiling
emCompressemCompress-Embed, emCompress-ToGo
emFileBASE + Encryption, FAT, FAT LFN, Journaling, Storage Layer, RAMDisk, NAND
emModbusMaster + Slave
emNetBASE + CoAP Server / Client, DHCP Server, (m)DNS/LLMNR/DNS-SD Server, FTP Client, FTP Server, MQTT Client, NetBIOS Name Service, SMTP Client, SNMP Agent, SNTP Client, UPnP, WebSocket
emSecureemSecure-RSA, emSecure-ECDSA
emSSHSecure Shell software library, Secure Copy
emSSLSecure Sockets Layer
emUSB-DeviceBASE + Audio, Bulk, CDC, DFU, HID, IP-over-USB component, MIDI, MSD, MSD-CDROM, MTP, Printer Class, VirtualMSD, Video, Target Driver for Microchip AT91SAM3U
emWebWeb Server
IoT ToolkitHTTP Client, JSON Parser