(Q)SPI Flash Evaluator

Q SPI Flash Evaluator

The SEGGER (Q)SPI Flash Evaluator is an easy-to-use board designed to evaluate the features and performance of NOR and NAND emFile drivers. With the board, users can also test the direct and indirect programming of serial flash devices by SEGGER J-Link debug probes and production programmers. This also includes the Flasher family of programming tools, designed to offer reliable, high-speed programming for microcontrollers and memory devices.

To use the evaluator, these serial flash devices are soldered onto an adapter board. These adapter boards then plug into the main board through an 8×2 adapter header. Since there are different package types, there are also different adapter boards available. These include SO-8, SO-16, BGA, and SON.

Yes, Evaluation Can Become Time Consuming

(Q)SPI Flashes are an affordable way to add big nonvolatile storage (known as  “flash memory”) to embedded systems. Evaluating the right type for your project is a necessity. This costs time. Speed and reliability can be compromised by numerous variables. This is why evaluating is a must. And although (Q)SPI Flashes are an affordable way of adding big storage, this can eventually cost money. Further complications exist as well, since SPI Flashes speak different “dialects”.

This evaluation challenge is something SEGGER faces every day. That’s why the SEGGER (Q)SPI Flash Evaluator exists. 

How Does the SEGGER (Q)SPI Flash Evaluator Work?

Hardware at SEGGER is designed for the company’s needs. These needs are shared by others, which is why the SEGGER (Q) SPI Flash Evaluator,  by its very design, evaluates (Q) SPI flashes in addition to evaluating SEGGER’s programming and software solutions. 

  • By connecting the programmer directly to the SPI, the Evaluator can test direct programming.
  • Connecting the programmer to the microcontroller will cause it to access the SPI Flash. Through this, indirect programming can be tested.
  • Confirm the speed and reliability of a flash driver by evaluating it against emFile’s NOR flash driver. In fact, we’re designing an evaluation package that’ll have you test your SPI Flash in 15 minutes or less.
Q SPI Flash Evaluator

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Much of the leg work has been done by SEGGER using the (Q)SPI Flash Evaluator.

A number of components make up the SEGGER (Q)SPI Flash Evaluator to reduce the time consuming and expensive process.

  • ST STM32H743 ARM Cortex-M7 microcontroller
  • Two 8-pin headers for connecting the flash adapter board
  • 20-pin header for direct flash programming
  • 19-pin header for indirect flash programming and debugging
  • One power and one status LED
  • Jumper for the voltage level selection of flash power supply (3.3V / 1.8V)
  • USB micro connector for power supply

Don’t forget about package content. With the (Q)SPI Flash Evaluator, you can get:

  • (Q)SPI Flash Evaluator carrier board
  • 3 Adapter boards for SO-8, SO-8W, SO-16 (blank PCB board)
  • 3 Adapter boards for BGA 4x6mm and 5x5mm (blank PCB board)
  • 3 Adapter boards for SON/DFN 8×6, 6×5, 4×4, 3×4, 3×2 (blank PCB board)
  • 6 connectors

SEGGER Evaluation Software

Included components:

ProductSupported features
emPower OS
embOSCore + Profiling
emFileBASE + Encryption, FAT, FAT LFN, Journaling, NAND, RAMDisk
emModbusMaster + Slave
emNetBASE + CoAP Server / Client, DHCP Server, (m)DNS/LLMNR/DNS-SD Server, FTP Client, FTP Server, MQTT Client, NetBIOS Name Service, SMTP Client, SNMP Agent, SNTP Client, UPnP, WebSocket
emSecureemSecure-RSA, emSecure-ECDSA
emSSHSecure Shell software library, Secure Copy
emSSLSecure Sockets Layer
emUSB-DeviceBASE + Audio, Bulk, CDC, DFU, HID, MSD, MSD-CDROM, MTP, Printer Class, IP-over-USB component, VirtualMSD, Video, Target Driver for ST STM32F2/F4/F7/H7
emWebWeb Server
IoT ToolkitHTTP Client, JSON Parser

Add-On Modules

Adapter board for SO-8, SO-8W, SO-16

Adapter board for BGA 4x6mm and 5x5mm

Adapter board for SON/DFN 8×6, 6×5, 4×4, 3×4, 3×2

Adapter Board SO
Adapter Board BGA
Adapter Board SON DFN