RYFAxxx Series

433/868/915MHz Ultra Low Power RF Transceiver Module with Internal Antenna

RYFAxxx Series
  • FSK and GFSK modulation.
  • Ultra Low RX Current Consumption : 4.5mA.
  • High RX sensitivity, -117dBm at 2Kbps on-air data rate.
  • Programmable data rate from 2Kbps to 150Kbps.
  • Programmable TX power level from – 40dBm to 12dBm.
  • Support 3-wire or 4-wire SPI.
  • Designed with internal antenna.
  • Metal cover against EMI interference


The REYAX RYFAxxx is based on Amiccom A7129 chip. It is a monolithic low-IF architecture CMOS FSK/GFSK TRX for wireless applications in the ISM bands. This device is especially suitable for battery-powered application.


Supply Voltage1.93.33.6VVDD
Current Consumption0.3uADeep Sleep Mode
(no register retention)
434MHz TX12.8dBm36mA
868MHz TX12.5dBm36mA
915MHz TX11dBm36mA
Maximum Output Power13dBm
RF Frequency Accuracy10ppm
RX Sensitivity-117dBm@BER=0.1% high gain mode 2kbps (IFBW=50KHz)
RF Sensitivity-118dBm
Data rate2150Kbps
High Level Input Voltage0.8VDDVDDVVIH
Low Level Input Voltage00.2VDDVVIL
High Level Output VoltageVDD-0.4VDDVVOH
Low Level Output Voltage00.4VVOL
Operating Temperature-4025+85?C