Compiler Support

UDE supports cross compiler packages for the C166, ST10, XE166, XC2000, TriCore, Power Architecture, Arm, RH850 and SH-2A families – HighTec (GNU), Tasking, Wind River, Byte Craft, ImageCraft, and Renesas. Using the Universal Debug Engine, you will be able to optimize the flexibility and efficiency of the selected compiler. A description of all supported compilers can be seen below. Since each compiler has its’ own characteristics and features, please contact us if you have special development, or system requirements.

GNU C/C++ AURIX/TriCore, Power Architecture, ARM Compiler

The GNU C/C++ Compiler, for the AURIX/TriCore, PowerArchitecture or ARM architecture is based on the GNU software.
The GNU software was ported and modified by HighTec Systeme GmbH.

TriCore architecture support
  • All TriCore derivatives are supported
  • Fast and flexible TriCoreinterrupt/trap interface
  • TriCore-optimized DSP support library (C++)
  • Additional C compiler for Peripheral Control Processor (PCP)
    and MCS/GTM timer module of AURIX TC3xx.
Power Architecture support
  • Little-endian and big-endian format are supported
  • VLE and SPE are supported.
Arm architecture support
  • Support of “Arm Procedure Call” standard
  • 32bit Arm and 16bit Thumb instruction code
  • Little-endian and big-endian format are supported.
Other compiler features
  • Supports the “ISO C” standard.

Tasking C/C++ Compiler for AURIX/triCore, XE166/XC2000, C166/ST10

The Tasking compiler is designed for all derivatives of the AURIX/TriCore, XE166/XC2000, C166/ST10 microcontroller families. The generated program code shows compact size and excellent performance.

AURIX/TriCore Architecture Support
  • Additional C compiler for Hardware Security Module (HSM), Peripheral Control Processor (PCP),
    XC800 Standby controller (SCR) and MCS/GTM timer module of AURIX TC3xx.
  • Infineon Technologies TriCore EABI compliant
  • Language extensions for Embedded/DSP/TriCore
  • VX technology for optimization of code size/ speed.
XE166/XC2000, C166/ST10 Architecture Support
  • User stack model for function calls are supported (to speed up RTOS task switches)
  • VX technology for optimization of code size/ speed.
Other Compiler Features
  • ISO C’99 and ISO C++ 14882-1998 compliant
  • C-level interrupt functions
  • IEEE floating-point operations
  • Re-entrant code and libraries
  • Industry standard ELF / DWARF3.0 and IEEE-695 output formats.
C++ Compiler
  • C++ features like Dynamic Allocation of Objects, Passing References, Operator Overloading, Data Hiding, and Inheritance, are supported.
RTOS Support
  • Nucleus PLUS (Mentor Graphics), CMX-RTX (CMX Company), and OSE (Enea).

KEIL/ARM and CA166 Compiler

The Keil/ARM C/C++ compiler is designed for all derivatives of the Arm7, Arm9, Arm11, and Cortex microcontroller families. The Keil CA166 compiler is designed for all derivatives of the C166, ST10 and XC166 microcontroller families.

Arm architecture support
  • Arm Mode and Thumb/Thumb2 mode code function attributes for Hardware Support
  • C-level interrupt functions
  • User stack model for function calls are supported (to speed up RTOS task switches)
  • Industry standard ELF / DWARF3.0 output format
  • Little-endian and big-endian format are supported.
C166, ST10, XC166 architecture support
  • 7 memory models
  • Full pointer support for the 16K page architecture
  • C-level access to Special Function, MCU Registers.
Library Set
  • C-interface and runtime library (different models)
  • Floating point libraries
  • Re-entrant Run-time Library
  • Thread-safe Floating-point Operations.
RTOS Support
  • ARTX-ARM (Keil)
  • RTX 166 (Keil)
  • CMX-RTX (CMX Company)

Green Hills C/C++ Power Architecture Compiler

The Green Hills Software C/C++ compiler is designed for all derivatives of the PowerArchitecture microcontroller families.

Power Architecture support
  • Highly optimized compiler in program execution speed and program size
Compiler compatibility
  • Standard (ANSI/ISO) C++
  • Embedded C++ (EC++) with Templates
  • K&R Mode and Extensions to ANSI C
  • GNU C/C++ Extensions
  • MISRA C.
RTOS Support
  • INTEGRITY, velOSity, µ-velOSity royalty-free RTOS

* on request

Byte Craft eTPU C Compiler

The Byte Craft eTPU C compiler is designed for the Enhanced Time Processing Unit (eTPU).

NXP eTPU architecture support
  • Highly optimized generated code
  • eTPU compiler works in conjunction with a host CPU compiler, to create CPU/eTPU applications.
Other compiler features
  • Enhanced memory management support
  • Object libraries can be included directly in C source files, using Absolute Code mode
  • Extensions to the C language designed specifically for the embedded systems developer.
The C Compiler Package Includes:
  • Optimizing C Compiler
  • BCLink Linker
  • Build-in Macro Assembler.

Wind River C/C++ TriCore, Power Architecture, and Arm Compiler

The Wind River Compiler combines industry leading optimization technology, with the flexibility and control needed to fully exploit today’s complex CPUs

TriCore architecture support
  • All TriCore derivatives are supported
Power Architecture support
  • Diab technology
  • VLE support.
Arm architecture support
  • Arm7, Arm9, Arm11, and Cortex support
  • Arm and Thumb instruction set support.
Compiler features
  • Industry leading optimization technology
  • Performance and code size
  • Designed for demanding embedded requirements
  • 100% C++ ANSI compliance
  • Interoperability with other development tools
  • Professional support.

Renesas C/C++ SH-2A Compiler

The RENESAS compiler has a powerful optimization function for exhibiting the microcomputer performance to its full capacity in order to create a compact code.

SH-2A architecture support
  • All SuperH derivatives are supported.
Compiler features
  • Optimising ANSI C and ANSI C++ compiler
  • Extended language function for the SuperH RISC engine family
  • Complies with C/C++ language in ANSI specification
  • Introduces the latest optimization technology developed for supercomputers
  • Extended language function for SuperH RISC engine family
  • Improved compile list output
  • Data types of ‘long long’ and ‘unsigned long long’ are supported
  • Standard object format (ELF/DWARF2).
Library set
  • Embedded C++ language spec-compliant class libraries
  • High performance DSP library optimized by DSPinstruction.

CodeWarrior C/C++ Compiler for MPC55xx, MPC56xx Power Architecture

The CodeWarrior Development Studio is designed for all derivatives of the NXP MCP55xx Power Architecture microcontroller family.

MPC55xx architecture support
  • All NXP MPC55xx, MPC56xx derivatives are supported
Compiler Features
  • VLE Support
  • Industry standard ELF /DWARF 2.0 output format.