PCAN-Explorer 6 : Plotter Add-in 6

Optional Function Upgrade for the PCAN-Explorer

PCAN-Explorer 6 : Plotter Add-in 6

PCAN-Explorer 6: Plotter Add-in 6



The Plotter Add-in allows the recording and graphical representation of any number of signal courses. Signal sources can be the data from incoming and outgoing CAN messages as well as virtual variables and results from macro calculations.

Plot Viewer:
The free Windows software Plot Viewer enables the display of the records without an installation of PCAN-Explorer.

PCAN-Explorer 6 : Plotter Add-in 6

System Requirements:

  • PCAN-Explorer 6
  • Windows 11, 10, 8.1 (32/64-bit)
  • At least 2 GB RAM and 1.5 GHz CPU
  • Free USB port for installation stick and copy protection dongle


  • Real-time display of signal courses
  • Unlimited number of recording channels
  • Unlimited number of Y-axes
  • Decoupling of the configuration of Y-axis and channels to improve presentation and handling
  • X-axis and Y-axes can be zoomed and scrolled freely, even during recording
  • Labelling of time axis with absolute or relative time stamps
  • Facility for automatic adaptation of axes to plots
  • Reversible Y-axes
  • Logarithmic scales
  • Cursor display for plot measurement
  • Save the current view as an image in EMF, PNG, BMP, or JPEG format
  • Export the recording to a CSV file
  • Import of data recordings from the PCAN-Explorer‘s tracer, from PCAN-Trace, or PCAN-View
  • Display of limiting values and value ranges
  • Comprehensive formatting options for displaying curves, axes, and the plotter layout

Scope of Supply

  • Installations files for Plotter Add-in
  • Single computer license or portable license with USB copy protection dongle

Note: Software delivery on USB stick. Alternative installation media or download on request.