Real Time Remote Monitoring System For Water and Weathers


Testech design complete Real Time Remote Monitoring System for Waste Water qualities water Level Flow and Weather monitoring with Complete sensors or users can provide the sensors in analog 4-20mA, 0-5V, 0-10V or Serial Interface RS232C RS485 RS422.

These system uses our Testech GSM Wireless Logger Telemetry to log data and send the data remotely. A Central Server logs the data and presend the tabular and graphical data on website. The user may chose to develop their own Web or the complete SCADA by themselves

The logger can be program to send SMS Alert for alarm threshold. The RTU can be OEM for user specific project name and under customer logo.

Project References

A look at what our software can do

RTU Telemetry Unit

M2M (GSM/3G/SMS, WIFI, RF, Satellite, Ethernet) Applications

Sensor, instrument data logging, and onsite as well as sending to central monitoring station to allow real time monitoring for Fish Farm, Water Level, Flood Alert, Water Quality (Turbidity, PH, Conductivity, DO, ORP, Temp, Chorophyll), Weather (WindSpeed, Wind Direction,. RainGauge, Solar Radiation, Temp/RH) , Gas Sensing (including volatile Organic Compound, H2S, LEL, CO, etc) measurements. Remote real time logging via our TSCADA allows real time SMS and Email alert as well as web enable data view, Graph Chart and Download as well historical view from remote client using standard Web Browser.

Analogue Interfacing (ADC, DAC, Relay drivers etc) such as Temperature Sensors (RTD, Thermocouple, Thermistor), Strain Gauges, Voltage, Current for AC/DC or 4-20mA process indication with digital calibration.

UPS And Computer DataCentre Backup System Monitoring. Connect to your dry contact relay out of your UPS backup system to notify personel of power outage, high temperature, Fire Alarm Panels.

Motor, Pumps, Compressors Monitoring. Monitoring Pump, Motor and Compressors breakdown and stoppage.

Process Instruments, Panel Meters Alarm Limit. Alert personels when process parameter indicates over/under limti alarms.

Electrical Panel and Firealarm Panels. Immediate notification on emergy and verfication of electrical panels and fie alarm panels.

Remote Sensors, Metering Applications. Interface to industrial sensors, 4-20mA, digital interface via RS232C, RS485, RS422, SDI12, Ethernet IP, or analog voltages/current as well as bridge sensors for remote measurement. Direct interface to resistance sensors such as RTD, Thermistor, Resistance Bridge are available. Testech specialized in custom design to integrate all the above to save power, space and cost.

ColdRoom Temperature Monitoring. Interface to multiple temperature sensors for coldroom refrigeration systems. Logging and Send SMS Email alert. Web view of historical trned.

Others: The Testech RTU can be OEM for user own implmentation and can be label by customer. We can develop the firmware or user may develop the application by themselves with our provided board support package library.

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