Evaluation Kits

With this complete evaluation platform, test all the advantages of our TapNLink products:

  • Qualified, turn-key wireless for Wi-Fi (ESP32), Bluetooth and NFC
  • Ionic / Cordova Automatic App generator
  • Customization by configuration
  • Rapid integration with the Cloud
TapNLink Primer

Primers connect to any microcontroller in minutes, and allow you to create graphical, tactile Human Machine Interfaces as iOS and Android apps. Primers include everything you need to get started. There are no additional licenses to purchase. Just get your kit and IoTize Studio configuration environment. In minutes you’ll have your first mobile HMI app.

For STM32

TapNLink Primer includes complete sample implementations for all STM32 microcontroller families. Samples include firmware application and TapNLink configuration projects to accelerate learning and experimentation.

Our extensive support of all STM32 variants means you also benefit from special features such as:

  • Over-the-air debugging using Ride7 from Raisonance
  • MCU Flasher app for STM32 programming from your mobile

For Arduino

ArdTap library allows you to integrate TapNLink Primer rapidly in your Arduino application. In minutes, create an HMI for supported Arduino boards and test Cloud data logging.

Evaluation Kits

TapNLink Primer evaluation kit for implementing TnL-FIW103 modules with Wi-Fi, BLE and NFC for interfaces connecting MCU-based electronic systems.

Note: Android, iOS compatible. ArdTap library for Arduino integration.