Advantages of NFC

Secure, easy connection for mobile HMI apps

Duetware solution provides system designers all the benefits of NFC with no coding, no effort, and no risks.

Near Field Communication (NFC) has growing popularity with designers and consumers, as it is an easy, secure, and low-cost way to connect Android and iOS mobile phones to appliances, or other electronic systems. NFC fills crucial needs in connected appliances for:

  • Discretion and reduced emissions
  • Sure, intuitive device pairing
  • Transaction security
  • Optimization of power consumption
Advantages of NFC

Duetware and NFC tags for Mobile HMI Apps

Wireless products and designs that are based on Duetware use a passive NFC device (NFC tag) capable of bi-directional communication. NFC is not limited to reading static data as some apps do with QR codes. Used with Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, NFC automates and secures the wake up and pairing of the appliance’s wireless interface with the mobile phone. Used in an NFC-only design, the mobile can retrieve and send data via NFC to the appliance in NFC 3-Stroke Configuration mode.

With NFC, the interaction of the user and an appliance require no physical contact with surfaces or controls on the appliance. This greatly reduces hygienic concerns about shared tactile controls. 

For all of these reasons, NFC and mobile HMI apps are replacing LCDs, keypads and mechanical controls on everything from home appliances to access control systems.

With Duetware-based wireless products, designers get all of the advantages of NFC without designing complex antennas or writing a single line of code. With the IoTize software ecosystem and Ionic / Cordova app generator, creating mobile HMI apps that interface over NFC takes no time, no expertise, and no coding.


Reduce radio emissions that invite unwanted attention and have harmful impacts on others

Sure & Intuitive

Make inter-connection of wireless devices simple and intuitive


Reduce risk of man-in-the-middle (MITM) attacks and facilitates secure interconnection

Power Optimized

Enable power optimization of wireless interfaces by breaking the “always-on” paradigm

3-Stroke Configuration

NFC makes appliance and equipment configuration with pobiel apps easy, secure and efficient

NFC in HVAC Appliances

Discover how NFC is revolutionizing how owners use energy saving features in their heating appliances

Get NFC Products

Offer UI as apps to improve your users’ experiences. Add TapNLink to your electronic design and create custom UI apps with a simple configuration. No coding is required.

Provide HMI as apps to improve maintenance efficiency. TapNPass tools plug into fieldbus. With a simple configuration, create custom apps that meet your servicing requirements. No coding is required.

Offer HMI as apps to offer Industry 4.0 functionality on industrial equipment. Retrofit industrial systems with Tapioca, and create custom apps with a simple configuration. No coding is required.