Consumer Electronics

In many ways the consumer is at the forefront of tomorrow’s solutions, driving demand for everything from power efficiency, data sharing to wireless abilities. Ensuring code quality and a short time to market are crucial when it comes to everything from home appliances, personal care solutions to gaming, personal health, or wearables.

Products for Consumer Electronics Applications

  • Development Toolchain
  • Security Development Extension
    • C-Trust
      • Automatic encrypted code
      • Integrated with IAR Embedded Workbench
      • Preconfigured Security Contexts included
      • Security just a tickbox away
  • Code Analysis Add-On
    • C-STAT
      • Static analysis of C and C++ code
      • Check code compliance with standards
      • Flexible, detailed and fast
      • Integrated with IAR Embedded Workbench
  • Build Tools
    • IAR Build Tools for ARM
      • Cross-platform support
      • Flexible and High Performance
      • 7,000+ supported Arm devices
      • Modern Workflows with Cross-Platform Benefit