The world’s strongest tools offering for Renesas microcontrollers! We are the only tool vendor to deliver development tools for the entire line-up of Renesas MCUs.

Long-standing partnership

Since the 1980’s, IAR Systems and Renesas have had a strong partnership. As a Renesas Alliance Partner, we are committed to continue supplying high-class tools for all Renesas MCUs.

4,000+ supported Renesas devices

IAR Embedded Workbench supplies exceptional design flexibility for embedded developers working with the extensive Renesas product portfolio.

Supported Architectures

Functional safety products for Renesas MCUs

Security solutions

IAR Systems provide security tools and services supporting the Renesas RX65/RX72 and Renesas RA6 MCUs.

  • Security Development Extension
    • C-Trust
      • Automatic Encrypted Code
      • Integrated with IAR Embedded Workbench
      • Preconfigured Security Contexts Included
      • Security just a Tickbox Away
  • Security Development
    • Embedded Trust
      • Customized Security Contexts
      • Unique Device Identity
      • Integrated in Standard Flow
      • Integrated Prototyping & Production
  • Secure Programming
    • Secure Desktop Provisioner
      • Simplified Secure Production
      • Complete Integration with IAR Embedded Workbench and C-Trust/Embedded Trust
      • Secure Install Technology
      • Tamper Protection