Real Time Flood Remote Monitoring System


Model : WLS-02

Wireless Communication

Wireless GSM or Ethernet

PC Interfaces
USB, Ethernet, RS232C, RS485

Power Input
External 7V-35VDCAdaptor/Solar Panel Charger and SLA Battery

30 Phone Number can be assume to each stations..


User Mode: Direct SMS to user Handphone.
Server Mode: Condensed to server running  WLS-01 SCADA HMI via GSM Data
Battery Back for event timestamp
and Clock/Calender(> 8 years)

DataLogger Memory
On Board Flash Memory 32KB FRAM, 4MB DataFlash and removable MicroSD up to 2GB.

Other System Available
Manhole Level,Contact Monitoring.
Water Qualites (TSS,PH,DO etc)
Weather Stations
TOC/VOC Monitoring
External Logger Interfaces.

Monitoring Flood and Water Level

The WLS02 uses either PM052 RTU or PM025 RTU for real time water level and flood monitoring and alert . This remote monitoring system consumes very little power, and interface to a water level sensors for measuring, display, data logging and real time telemetry transmission to Testech Tscada software for real time monitoring and alarm alert applications.

Wireless transmission can be via GSM, Data IP or external WIFI Radios/ RF radios using either Ethernet or serial

Installation at Remote Areas.

As the power consumption of our data logger are very low, the system are well suited to be solar power or wind power for continuous 24 x 7 real time monitoring. System can be use to measure water level in Canal, Storm Water Drain, River etc.

Real Time Datalog Transmission to Server

Data log are real time transmitted to server Tscada using GSM IP Data or sending SMS directly from RTU itself is possible . In the case of large amount of datalog memory we recommend using GSM IP Data for very fast transmission and real time update. Automatic Back fill of data resolve any missing point issues.

Ease Of Calibration

Calibration in the field is very easy and can be done by only 1 person. The sensors are calibrated with known water level directly via the local keypad and LCD without requiring Laptop connection. Calibration are digitally saved in non volatile memory. Reading of actual level and calibration value are shown on the LCD. This greatly ease the time taken to calibrate sensors and RTU in the field, and increase your field maintenance personal productivity by reducing the time at each site. Actual calibration can be done in under 1 minute using the Keypad and LCD.

Ease Of Maintenance

WLS02 uses the proven PM052 Remote Telemetry unit that is very easy for personnel to check operation, setup and maintain. LCD Display shows network status, data logging status, and sensor level information. Keypad allows sensor calibration and phone setup in the field without notebook.

Interfacing to Water Level Sensor

The WLS02 accept water level sensor in 4-20mA transmitter output, and hydro-static sensors using RS485.  High resolution 16bit ADC in the WLS02 allows very precise measurement of the water level. Any type of level sensor can be interface to WLS02 as long as the output is 4-20mA. The WLS02 provides for field sensor calibration allowing user to calibrate the level sensor on site, allowing precise calibration even as the level sensor is slightly altered in output level due to difference in levitation level of the site with respect to sea level.

Maintenance And Calibration of Water Level Sensor

The sensor are easily maintain, simply flip the WLS02 Switch to Service Mode that will disable the datalogging, and bring up the water level sensor for cleaning in soap water. After which the user can optionally calibrate the sensor using known water level. Renable the WLS02 to Normal Mode and the unit is back to operation.

Alarm Level and Logging Interval.

The Logging Interval can be specified in multiple levels.
a) Below Operating Level that is where the water level is very low, and usually this is of no interest and logger can be set to long interval such as >10minutes.
b) Operating Level whereas the water level is normal. At Operating Level the monitoring interval can be set at 1 minutes interval to 10 minutes interval
c) Critical Level whereas the water level is very high and maintenance personal should be alerted.
d) Cope Level whereas the water level has risen beyond the river bank or canal height.

As the critical level and cope level is of importance, the logger is capable of logging at very fine interval to 15 secs intervals and update the server every 1 minutes for real time update.

Interfacing to SCADA

WLS02 interface to Testech TSCADA HMI SCADA for real time display that the customer can view from anywhere in the world using any Browser software. See the link TSCADA

SMS Alert

SMS Alert can be send directly from WLS02 Remote Monitoring Systems, or from TSCADA Software. Each level of alarm can be individually enable or disable. Without the availability of SCADA Server user can send SMS command directly to enable or disable SMS Alert at each level including rising/falling stage of the water level.

Setting Alarm Level

The Water Level alarm limit are set at the WLS01 RTU during setup using a serial terminal connected to a PC or notebook. Once the alarm limit are set, it can be saved in non volatile memory in the WLS01 RTU. Once the unit are deployed in remote areas, user can send SMS to the RTU to change or set the alarm level, as well as enable/disable alarm alert, and also changes the way the alarm SMS are being send out base on rising/falling stage as it cross the alarm limit.

Date and Time Stamp

WLS02 has a battery backed Real Time Clock Calendar and all datalog values are precisely date and time stamp.

Large datalog Memory

WLS02 has a large datalog memory using the hardware real time semiconductor buffer datalog memory 50,000 points of logger memory.

Remote Verification

The server can remotely poll the Remote Terminal Units to verify the faults. User send a System Query SMS to the RTU (?SQ) and the RTU will return a SMS IP Data reporting the system status, network status. User can request for water level information by sending SMS Command.

Remote Control And Configuration

The server can send SMS or via the TSCADA on line to remote RTU to command the unit to :
a) Change Alarm Limit Value.

b) Enable the SMS/IP Data/Alert Notification.

c) Change Logging Interval.

d) Change Phone Numbers.

e) Many others possible if the PM052 has custom modification to suit user interface of external equipments


For more information contact us including any custom build requirements. We welcome customization inquiry that interface the WLS02 to other type of sensor for water quality measurement such as PH, Dissolve Oxygen, Turbidity, Temperature, RH etc. Rain Gauge measurement are available on another units. Contact us for any customization request.