The NMS  is a low cost, Solar Powered wireless Real Time Noise Monitoring for construction site that comply to NEA requirement in Singapore.

The Sound Level Meter is a class 1 Noise Metering devices that compute the instantaneous as well as LEQ reading for measurement of noise generated in construction sites.

The system is completely digital and hence it is only require to calibrate the noise meter on annual basis.


Model : PM025-NMS

Graphic LCD Display
128 x 64 pixel Backlit

Enfora Quad Band 3G GSM Euro Band

Inputs and Outputs:
8 Protected Dry Contact Input
2 Analog Input (0-5V/4-20mA/0-25mA)
1 RS232C Interface for Noise Meter

Log Interval

Programmable from 1min to 60min

Power Input:
External 7V-28V

72mmW x 88mmH x 59mmD

Standard DIN Rail Mount

Noise Measurement Specification

Measurement Range: 3- – 130db
Resolution: 0.1db
Function: db (A & C Frequency Weighting), Time Weighting (Fast, Slow)
Accuracy: Characteristics of “A” frequency weighting network meet IEC 61672 Class 1.
Under 94 db input signal, the accuracy are:
31.5 Hz +/- 2.0dB
63 Hz +/- 1.5dB
125 Hz +/- 1.5dB
250 Hz +/- 1.4dB
500Hz +/- 1.4dB
1 KHz +/- 1.1dB
2 KHz +/- 1.6dB
4 KHz +/- 1.6dB
8 KHz + 2.1dB, -3.1dB
12.5 KHz +3.0dB, -6.0dB
16 KHZ +3.5dB, -17.0 dB
Frequency Microphone Type: 31.5 to 16,000 Hz, Electric Condenser Microphone
Microphone Size: Out Size, 12.7mm Dia (1/2 inch)

LCD Display

The PM025-NMS edition is a DIN rail Mount small GSM Gateway unit capable of real time update and automatic back fill any unsent data. The unit has 4Mbyte Logger memory as well as independent real time clock calender with lithium battery backup, and automatically synchronize to GSM network Time and hence the date/time does not requires any changes and shall always be accurate to local time +/- 1sec

The LCD provides Network Status, Noise Measurement, Status of Sending Data via GSM IP Network and Datetime. This save time and money when attending to field maintenance.

Real Time Upload Of Data

The PM025-NMS will real time upload data to server and automatically backfill any unsend data due to temporary communication connection issue.

Large Datalogging Memory

The PM025-NMS has built in large datalogging flash memory (no battery requires) of 4MBYTE allowing months of data to be log

Built in Quad Band GSM Modem

The PM025-NMS which has a built in CE/FCC Approved Quad Band Industrial Class Robust GSM Module for wireless IP transmission


For Web access, user can log in and view the noise measurement for the user specified day as well as the NEA specified LEQ limits. Data can be downloaded and export to csv format.

Weather Proof Solar Powered Enclosure

The field unit is weather proof, with a solar panel requires no maintenance.

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