The PM052 GSM Remote Telemetry Logger is a low power RTU with 8 x 16bit ADC Analog Input, 8 Digital Input , 1 Pulse Input and 4 relay. for interface with digital sensors, it has RS232C RS485 for interface with Sensors such as Water Qualities Multi Parameter Probe, Open Channel Flow Sensors, Rain Gauge and other various direct analog 4-20mA output sensors. Ethernet Interface can be added for direct IP or connect to external wireless interface gateway router

Any type of Water Qualities, Weather, Gas Sensors with 4-20mA Can be connected to the PM052 RTU. The PM052 can be OEM and customized to user specific projects, and users may implement their own cloud and web base remote monitoring system


8 Digital Input for Dry contact or Max DC 50V.
8 Analog Input 4-20mA
( 16 bit ADC)
4 Relay Output
Wireless Communication

Quad Band GSM/GPRS  
(Optional GPS)

LAN Communication
10BT Optional

1 x USB Console Interface
Built in Ext RS232C, RS485

Power Input
External 7V-35VDCAdaptor

Async GPRS

USB, SMS setup


User Mode: Direct SMS/Email 
Server Mode: Condensed SMS/Data IP  to server running

225mmW x 165mmH x  50mmD

GSM RTU for Remote Telemetry



16 Digital Input (Dry Contact, DC to 50V Peak)
1 Pulse Counter Input (Rain Gauge)
4 Latch Relay Output (2.5A 24V Ressetable Fuse Protected)
Expandable Digital/Analog IOs via RS485


8 Digital Input (Dry Contact, DC to 50V Peak)
8  x 16bit ADC (4-20mA) with digital calibration, 10hm
1 Pulse Counter Input (Rain Gauge)
4 Latch Relay Output 2.5A 24V Resetable Fuse Protected)
Expandable Digital/Analog IOs via RS485

Summary Of Features

End User Alert Mode:   SMS

Automatic Regular Sending of Datalog via SMS: Yes

Support IP: Yes (static IP and dynamic IP)

Support ModBusTCP via 3G: Yes

Power Supply: DC 7V to 35VDC, 1.2Watt nominal power consumption

LCD Display: BackLite 20 Character x 2 Line LCD

LCD Display GSM Network Signal Strength, System Date/Time, Status.

PC Interface: USB Virtual Serial for Setup and Console Interactive Status Display, Event Logging

LAN: 10BT Ethernet IP Web Server.(Optional)

RS232C: 1 x RS232C for interface to digital  Temperature/RH Sensor

RS485:  1 x RS485 for expandable Digital IOs (up to 256 digital IOs) Support ModBus

4 x LATCHED Relay Output: Ressettable Fuse Protected 2.5A, 24V Latching Relay can be map to any IOs (Digital, Analog, Pulse Input, Power) using Web Setup and Logical Expression to combine IOs to set or reset relay.

Non Volatile Logger Memory: Total of 4MByte  onboard datalogger memory

Battery Backed Real Time Clock/Calender: Minimum 5 Years battery life.

Number Of Handphone and Emails: 8 Group of 10 Phone each, 80 Phone Number Maximum 

GPS Modules: Optional 50 Channel superSensitivity (can use indoor)

SCADA HMI: TSCADA HMI for GSM IP Remote Real Time Logging and Trending Display, as well as SMS Alert.


Computer Data Center: Monitoring Computer, UPS, PC Server, Water Leak, FM200, Temperature/Humidity.

SCADA System (Water Level, Flood Monitoring, Water Quality (PH, DO, Turbidity, Temp), VOC, TOC and other kind of Sensor Measurement

Weather Stations (Rain Gauge), Slope Movement.

Remote Event Alarm Notification. (UPS, Cold Room, Refrigeration, Electrical, Breaker, Solar Panel, Security Panel, Fire Alarm Panel, Lift Monitoring).

Remote System Reset  via Wireless Means. The Relay output contact can be used to remotely reset your system or activate your remote system external trigger.


Group of Phone/Email can be created such as each group can be enable/disable as well as assigned to specific IOs that will trigger the alert.


PM052 support dual operating mode:

a) Direct SMS  Message Send to User Hand phone.
    When Alarm Event occurs, Message are compose and then send directly to user handphone. The number of failed Send SMS can be set to automatically retry sending after a user specified interval. Each User can be alert via SMS . Each Person can be assign to Group, and each group can be assign to combination of inputs that will trigger an alert.

b) Server Mode: Send to Testech TSCADA HMI
   When Alarm Event occurs, Message are compose and compressed and then send to Testech HMI Software running at the customer central monitoring PC equipped with a SMS/GPRS Modem and Broadband IP connection. Testech support BOTH Dynamic IP and Static IP.

This means that with our RTU you are assure of the best in both world of operating in standalone mode, Server Mode, and BOTH SIMULTANEOUS User+Server Mode by creating different Phone/IP group on the PM052.

The important implication is that our RTU is scalable, allowing customer to gradually scaled up the unit of deployment from standalone base to server base.      


User can send SMS (which has to be validated for a existing phone number in the PM052) can be send to querie or activate the IO Control, as well as checking the system status including Telco signal strength, status of GSM Data IP Connection, turn ON/ Turn off the relays etc.                        


Up to 8 Group of 10 Phone Each (that is total of 80 GSM Phone Number) can be setup on the RTU (via USB Serial  or Keypad)

Group can be set to Server Mode (requires TSCADA Software) or User Mode (diret SMS Message Alert to user Mobile Phone)

Group can be Enable or Disable.

Inputs assignment can be assigned to each Group.  For example if the RTU are connected to mechanical equipment, HVAC and electrical equipment etc and there are different team of maintenance responsible for each category of equipment, you can then alert ONLY the team that are responsible for the particular input that requires service attention when a alarm is send out via SMS

Each group and each individual phone can be individually enable and disable. Inputs can be assigned to different group.


Total of 80 GSM Phone number can be created in the PM052 RTU, by assigning up to 10 Phone Max to Each group (max 8 Groups).

Each Phone can be assign two different privilege mode

Supervisor Phone: Supervisor Phone can configure the unit and send control command to the unit (Turn Alarm ON/OFF, switch RTU to Online GPRS Mode, Switch RTU to OffLine SMS Mode,  Turn Relay On,  Change Phone Number, Enable/Disable Phone, Enable/DIsable Group)

User Phone: User Phone are only allow to receive alarm message via SMS or Poll the System (for example to check the input status again, or health check).


Input Connector usng high quality 3mm connectors for fast removable screw connects. LED indication shows the status of the Latch Relay ON/OFF status.


Each Input can be individually setup to trigger SMS/EMAIL  on Low, High, Alarm Limit Low or Alarm Limit High.

System and IO Status can be check by sending a SMS message  to check RTU Health Status

System can be ARM, DISARM for maintenance.


Each Analog Input resolutions is 16bit instrumentation grade Aanalog To Dgiital Converter accepts directly 4-20mA Input.

Each Analog Input can trigger an alert due to High Limit, Low Limits or both.

Hysterysis allows user to change the band of changes that that it allows allowance as the alarm cross the boundary of each Alarm Limits to capture for Analog sensor that hover around the limits.

Analog Alarm can be assign to individual group.

Each Channel can be individually configure for zero and span, engineering scaling.

Engineering Scaling: The Low Reading and Full Scale Reading can be scaled to user Engineering Units up to 4 digitals + 1 decimal Place (-9.999 to +999.9)

Low Alarm and Hysterisis: Low Alarm can be set with hysterisis (that is if input falls below the Low Alarm trip point), SMS wll be send and the Alarm will only be clear if input reovers to Low Alarm trip point + hysterisis.

High Alarm and Hysteresis: High Alarm can be set with hysterisis (that is if input rises above the High Alarm trip point), SMS wll be send and the Alarm will only be clear if input recovers to Low Alarm trip point + hysteresis.


The ADC can be calibrated by the user by using a Process calibrator. Each ADC has 5 points digital calibration for the best linearity. During calibration, the value read in are compare against against accept value.

PM052 uses FULL Digital calibration and there is no TrimPot or Potentiometer. Thefore the long term stability of ADC reading is very good.


PM052 has 4 Relay Output able to handle up to 2.5A current @ 24V. Each Relay Output are protected by resettable fuse that will not require user to replace fuse. This relay can be user for example interface to external Light Pole, Siren, Reset External Equipment etc. Optionally Input can be assign to relay to activate the relay for example to activate siren or light pole.

The Relay are Latching Type (it will retain its ON/OFF condition even when power off)

These Relays are easily Map to Digital, Analog, Power, EdgeDetect, IP Ping Results using the websetup and user can program the logical expresssion to turn on/off the Specific Relays (for example IF D1 OR D2 OR A1 is ALARM condition THEN turn Relay#1 ON).

Likewise relayout Output can be manually Turn ON/Off by user via Web interface or SMS, for example to turn on machines, aircon, lights etc.

USB  Interface

Console interface using any Serial Terminal Software such as Windows HyperTerminal  for interactive login, system setup, maintenance check, and configure of Input Description, Alarm Trigger, Group, Phone Number.

Changes made can be save into PM05x interval Non Volatile Memory to permanently store the setup.

Console Setup of RTU


All Event (System Login, System Reset, IO Event, Send SMS Operations etc) are logged and save in battery backup memory. By Default, up to 100 event are invidually time stamed and store in the event log in the internal non volatile Flash Memories, and using the addtional built in 32MByte Non Volatile Flash Memories, unlimited event log is possible.

RS232C And RS485

The PM052 has a  External RS232C to allow interface to external peripheral and equipment such as datalogger, please talk to us for any custom interfacing including RS232C/RS485. For example we can interface to GPS/Datalogger/Swipe Card Reader etc.


The PM052 directly interface to a digital temperature/RH Thermohygrometer. No analog channel is required.

Temperature:  -20 to +85°C +/- 0.5°C, 0.0625°C resolution.
Humidity:  0 – 100% RH +/- 0.6%RH, 0.04% RH resolution
Built in Hydrophobic Filter Protects Sensor Against Dust, Dirt, Moisture, and Contaminants
Sensor are individually calibrated in a NIST-Traceable Chamber


  • Environmental Studies/Monitoring
  • Temperature and Humidity Logging in Food Preparation and Processing
  • Transportation of Temperature- and Humidity-Sensitive Goods, Industrial Production
  • Warehouse Monitoring

MicroSD Interface

Optionally MicroSD Interface allows removable datalog storage media in order to upload data to PC. Support FAT16 up to 2GB MicroSD Media


Additional IO can be expanded and connect to the PM05x to support up to 16 external IO Modules (that is up to 16 x 16 digital inputs = 256 digital inputs). Digital INput are optoisolated. Combination of Opto Isolated Digital In, Digiout Out, Analog Input are supported.


The WebBase or Windows Base  developed by Testech Electronics has allows many units of PM052 to be monitor from one central server using enterprise level SQL server. User Phones/Email are store on the Server, and the unit monitor and logs all the RTU on 24/7 basis.

Specific sustom HMI has been developed for Data Monitoring, Water Qualities, Flood level Monitoring, Turbdity sensors, Volatile Organic Compound, Weather Stations etc. Each parameter of the SCADA IOs can be modify to suit user sensors.

SCADA support DVR and IP Camera for real time streaming videos integrated into the SCADA remote Monitoring.

Web Base GSM Remote Monitoring SCADA

Contact us for free consultation for your custom projects.

Link to TSCADA