Real Time Construction Noise Level Remote Monitoring

Solar Powered Noise Monitoring System Mounted at roof top to monitor construction noise

Testech NMS uses the PM025NMS with Class 1 Sound Level Meters to monitor construction nose that are monitor at sites for residential, commercial, hospitals etc.  Under the NEA requirement, construction site are forbidden to exceed statutory set limit value and the system is able to predict the noise dosage LEQ level and send alert to users.

NMS is solar powered and is mounted on poles with the Sound Level Microphone pointing at the construction sites.   The Nose Level LEQ and alarm are web hosted

The Server will send SMS or email to end users hand phones when the noise level exceeded the permitted LEL readings 5mins and hourly. Different type of estates will have a different LEL settings for example residential, commercial, schools, hospitals.

Built in Graphic LCD

The graphic LCD (128 x 64 pixel) shows GSM Network Status, SMS Send and receive status as well as Input Status.  Eliminate Laptop in the field to view status event or maintenance test. Standard display is 20 characters x 4 lines. This save cost of technician attending at site or regular test

Built In Graphic LCD
NEA Construction Nose Monitoring System

FREE Driverless USB Interface HMI Setup

Supports  native USB High Speed Interface with an embedded USB Device Stacks for HID.  This is driverless and will runs on any newer PC Operating Systems that will have HID Interface including WIN7, WIN10,WIN11


Onboard Solid State Flash Memory provides 1MBYTE of Datalog memory that is not affected by battery. Supports 16,000 points Datalog memory

Noise Measurement Specification

Measurement Range: 3- – 130db
Resolution: 0.1db
Function: db (A & C Frequency Weighting), Time Weighting (Fast, Slow)
Accuracy: Characteristics of “A” frequency weighting network meet IEC
61672 Class 1.
Under 94 db input signal, the accuracy are:

31.5 Hz +/- 2.0dB
63 Hz +/- 1.5dB
125 Hz +/- 1.5dB
250 Hz +/- 1.4dB
500Hz +/- 1.4dB
1 KHz +/- 1.1dB
2 KHz +/- 1.6dB
4 KHz +/- 1.6dB
8 KHz + 2.1dB, -3.1dB
12.5 KHz +3.0dB, -6.0dB
16 KHZ +3.5dB, -17.0 dB
Frequency Microphone Type: 31.5 to 16,000 Hz, Electric Condenser Microphone
Microphone Size: Out Size, 12.7mm Dia (1/2 inch)