Rain Gauge Remote Monitoring System

Real Time Rain Gauge Remote Monitoring System
Rain Fall Monitoring System Illustration


Model : PM025RG

Grapic LCD Display
128 x 64 pixel Backlit

Enfora EnablerIII Quad Band GSM

Rain Gauge (0.2mm)
Wind Speed (
Wind Direction
Relative Humidity

Ublox Supersense GPS Maintain Time/Locations.

Inputs and Outputs
6 Protected Dry Contact Input 2 Transistor Output (1.7A each)
2 Analog Input (0-5V/4-20mA/0-25mA)

Power Input
10Watt Solar Panel
7AH 12V SLA Battery
6A Solar Charger with Low Battery Cut Out.

DC Voltage Out
Power Manage switched DC Output.

300mmW x 550mmH x 220mmD (exclude concrete Plinth 250mm)


The PM025RG is a low cost  wireless GSM 3G Real Time Remote Weather Station. User select-able rain gauge tip level can be easily program to match the tipping bucket (0.1mm, 0.2mm, 0.5mm etc) . Another 2 Weather sensors such as wind speed and wind direction can be added to the Rain Gauge.

The System can be Floor Mount, Tripod Mount or Wall Mount.

Rain Gauge can be specify using 0.1mm, 0.2mm or 0.5mm Tip which are program into the RTU for computing the RainFall at specific interval (typically 5minutes)

The unit can be use for simple SMS logging or GSM IP Logging whereas total rainfall for the day can be send off per day.

Rain Gauge Remote Monitoring System

SCADA Plot and Tabular Print out.

The Windows SCADA logs the Data from the Rain Gauge Remote Monitoring System and present the RainFalls either in per tick, per 5minutes, per hourly, per day, per month format .

Real Time RainFall Remote Monitoring Bar Chart Plot

Mounting of Rain Gauges and Enclosures

The IP66 Weather proof enclosure are available in Floor Mount (using 4 x M10 bolt), SS304 heavy duty Tripod, or simply wall mount or Pole Mount.

Ease of Field Maintenance

The Graphic LCD provide ease of service maintenance for check out of the rain gauges which are instantly display on the LCD when tipped and datalog.

Low cost SMS Logger

For Rainfall a simple low cost SMS Logger is provided to log rain Gauge and export the data to Excel Format for user analysis of Rain Fall or the Rainfall graph and data can be view on the PC at request.


For Real time continuously monitoring  the data are can be send to Central Monitoring Station running TSCADA-RG Edition for SMS Logging and GSM IP logging for real time alert and Trend display

Built in Quad Band GSM Modem 3G (Future Upgradable to 4G)

The  PM025RG Wireless Telemetry Data logger as controller which has a built in CE/FCC Approved Quad Band Industrial Class Robust 3G GSM Module (future upgradable to 4G).

Analog Input for WindSpeed/Wind Direction or Temp/RH Sensor

The PM025RG  has total of 6  protected digital input, 2 x 12bit Analog Input (4-20mA)

These Analog Input can be use for water and wastewater/sewer qualities measurement, continuous water Level Measurement, and datalog and send SMS alert or upload data wireless remotely via GSM IP Data

Data logger Memories

Built in 1Mbit Datalogger Memories in semiconductor flash memory allowing 3 months to 6 months of logging backup while the data is send to the Central Monitoring PC.

Remote Configuration

The PM025RG can be remotely configure from the Central Monitoring PC software for example to change the logging interval, change phone  numbers, alarm limits etc.

Free Windows Setup and Datalogger Software

The free RTUSetup windows Software is use to setup, download datalog in CSV format as well as allowing the logfile to be automatically uploaded to the CMS software (TSCADA-RG)

Easy to install and Startup

The PM025RG is very easy to setup in the field as the entire systems has been pre-setup and wired. Simply installed on the ground, switch on and the unit will start operating and send data to the Central Monitoring Server.

Weather Proof Enclosure

Tough Aluminium IP66 Weather Proof Enclosure with Waterproof and cable gland, robust cabling. Enclosure with be pole mount (specify 40mm or 50mm Pole U Clamp) or Stainless Steel 304 Heavy Duty Tripod with 20Watts Solar Panel.


300mmW x 550mmH x 220mmD (exclude concrete Plint 250mm)

Power Requirement

12V @ 0.12A (1.2W nominal Power), Solar Panel and Battery 12V SLA