The LVLFL-01 is a low cost, wireless SMS Alert Unit that monitor Level in Manhole/sewer/water Tank/Sludge Tank etc that send a SMS Alert when water level reach a  upper limit using a sealed liquid float switch that can be installed in harsh environment such as wastewater/sewer/seawater.

The Level Switch is to be installed a a user defined fixed level. The float switch has a minimum differential angle of 110deg—165deg (depends on model) for a meachinal switch ON/OFF hysertisis.

Upon defection of High Water Level  limit, the LVLFL-01 will send SMS alert to preprogrammed user mobile numbers with proven robust industry GSM/GPRS Quad Band GSM Modem. The Beacon Light will turn on as long as the water level is still above the upper limit. The Siren will turn on and be  automatically turn off in user programmable time limit interval of 1sec (default is 10sec) to alert users. Siren can be manually turn off from front panel.

The LVLFL-01 can be further enhanced via software to automatically turn on external Pump via a auxillary external Relay for example to pump the water out or turn Open/Close  external Gatevalve etc.


Model : LVLFL-02 V1.10

Enclosure Dimension:

400mmH x 300mmW x 200mmDut

WeatherProof Enclosure

Optional Stand 1M Height
Optional Solar Panel
Optional Remote GPRS Server with Analog Output (PM020V2)

SIREN: Air Horn Siren

Beacon Light: Yellow rotating Auto Turn on Alarm.

Level Float Sensor: Robust Sealed Waterproof Level  Switch for harsh Installation

Continuous Level Sensor:
Optional for datalogging and trending.

Max Pressure: 5 Bar

Max Sensor Temp: 85 deg C

Sensor Cable Length: 10M

Auto Send SMS on Alert (Quad Band GSM Network)

Toggle Switch for SIREN OFF.

SIREN ON Time programmable from 1 sec  interval.

Power Requirement: AC 100VAC to 250VAC 50/60Hz
(48W Max when siren ON, 2W when normal condition)

Max number of SMS phone number: 30

Quad Band GSM/GPRS .

LCD Display And Keypad Entry

Large 20 char x 2 line BackLit LCD Baclit, shows system status, date and time as well as all status of outgoing and incoming SMS/Email, and  provide system diagnostic information. User can query the Systems status and IO status. Systems is very easy to check by end user.

SMS Alert

User can program up to 30 mobile phone numbers to receive the SMS Alert for Water Level Surcharge. All SMS Message are date/time stamped. User can query systems via SMS to check system status. User can use prepaid SIMcard or PostPaid SIMcard. Front panel LCD shows complete GSM Status, IO status, Power Status, and SMS sending status.

Robust WasteWater Float Level Sensor

Robust Sealed Waterproof Level  Switch for harsh Installation
Max Pressure: 5 Bar
Max Temperature: 85 degC
Cable Length: 6M

Loud Siren with Programmable ON Time

Siren can be programmable by user to turn on for a user specified time interval in number of secs or infinite ON until the waterLevel is below High Limit Siren is very loud and is audible even in constructions site.

Beacon Light.

Beacon Light turns on continously as long as water level is High Limit, visible Orange or Red Color rotaing Beacon Light.

Built in Quad Band GSM/GPRS

The LVLFL01 uses the PM051E Wireless Telemetry Datalogger as controller which has a built in CE/FCC Approved Quad Band Industrial Class Robust GSM/GPRS Module.

High Precision Analog IOs, Digital IOs, Relay Ouputs

The PM051E has 8 protected digital input, 2 protected Fast Edge Detect Input (Active Low), and 4 High Precision 16 bit ADC High speed sampling of 1MHZ, 4-20mA, with a usable more than 30,000 count resolution input in the 4-20mA measurement Range. The 3 LATCH relay output are resettable fuse protected for up to 2.5A at 24V and is suitable to drive SIREN, Beacon Lights or to activate external controls.

Analog Input uses digital calibration (up to 5 points) allows very precision digital calibration (no adjustment required). 4-20mA input has a input impedanace of only 10ohm and can be connected in series with existing user instrumentation such as thru a chart recorder and will not add to the exiting loop impedance.

These Analog Input can be use for water and wastewater/sewer qualities measurement, continuous waterLevel Measurement, and datalog and send SMS alert or upload data wirelesslessly via GPRS.

The relay output is possible to turn on external Pump for example. or contact us for any custom interfacing as the PM051E has built in TCPIP, UDP, USB, RS232C, RS485 interfaces.

Datalogger Memories

Built in 4MB Datalogger Memories, and external insertable MicroSD Card support 1GB of FAT file systems allows usr to datalog IO at a user set interval.

Built in Http Webserver

Built in HMI Webserver allows user to view IO status, Web Setup.

Tough Enclosure

Tough Metal WeatherProof Enclosure with Waterproof and cable gland, robust cabling.

Safety Features

AC Input are Earth Leakage Breaker and Current Breaker protected.
48W Power supply Fuse protected. User replaceable.

Ease of Testing

Test Button allows to test the float switch sensor input without requiring to open the ManHole/Sewer Cover to simulate a High WaterLimit Condition.

Manual Swtich Off for SIREN

Siren can be manually Turn Off via front panel switch


400 mm H x 300 mm W x 200mm D

Power Requirement

AC 100VAC/240VAC 50/60HZ. (2W normal, 48W with Siren Turn ON)

Optional Mounting Stand

1M Power Coated Mounting Stand with adjustable base stud for ground balance. Otherwise the enclosure can be mount onto Panel or Wall via 4 Wall Mounting Plate.