CSS WiFi Rooftop Antenna (SMA, 3M Cable)

Need to extend your CANedge2 antenna?

CSS Wifi Rooftop Antenna

CSS WiFi SMA antenna of the CANedge2 can be easily disconnected, letting you e.g. add this rooftop SMA antenna.

CSS WiFi Rooftop Antenna (SMA, 3M Cable) can be useful when the CANedge2 is installed behind shielded panels that reduce WiFi connectivity.

With the 3 meter extension cable, the rooftop WiFi antenna can positioned for optimal range and line-of-sight.

Key Features
CSS CANEdge2 and WIFI Rooftop Antenna

About the CSS Rooftop Antanna

Customers want to install the CANedge2 safely in e.g. a metal box, cabin or behind metal panels. In these cases, the WiFi range of the CANedge2 can be drastically reduced.

CSS CANedge2 lets you replace the default WiFi antenna. By connecting this rooftop antenna, you can keep the CANedge2 in a safe location, while moving the antenna to an optimal position for range and line-of-sight.

The cases is used in forklifts in warehouses that upload data when periodically in range of WiFi routers. The antenna is low cost and can endure rugged environments, which also makes it ideal for e.g. mining use cases.

Technical Specifications

General Table