Need to log CAN data and upload it via 3G/4G to your server?

CSS CANedge2 lets you power a USB 3G/4G hotspot directly via the 2nd port (channel 2) using this DB9-USB adapter cable.

The 5V power output from the CSS CANedge2 can be turned on/off in the configuration (include via over-the-air updates).

About the CSS DB9-USB adapter

CSS DB9 USB adapter lets you power a 3G/4G hotspot with the CANedge2 no need for a separate USB power supply.

CSS CANedge2 can be pre-configured with the name/password of the 3G/4G USB hotspot, enabling the device to push log files to your server via 3G/4G.

Note: The DB9 USB adapter simply parses power to the hotspot, the CANedge2 connects to the 3G/4G router via WiFi.

Technical Specifications

Adapter Pinout