CSS 3M Dual Lock Velcro Strips (4 Pieces)

Need to easily mount your CSS CAN hardware?

CSS 3M Dual Lock Velcro Strips (4 Pieces)

CSS 3M Dual Lock Velcro Strips (4 Pieces) tape makes it quick and easy to mount e.g. your CANedge to any surface – no screws required.

The unique design offers exceptional strength and durability, while letting you easily attach/detach your devices.

CSS 3M Dual Lock Velcro Strips (4 Pieces) Key Features
CSS Device with Velcro Strips

About the CSS Velcro Strips

The reclosable velcro fasteners let you easily mount your CSS CLX000, CSS CANedge and/or CSS CANmod modules in the field. The 3M Dual Lock design offers exceptional strength through the interlocking mushroom-shaped heads with a stem density of 250 per square inch.

The bundle includes 2 sets (4 pieces in total). This lets you easily mount your device to various surfaces including aluminum, stainless steel, glass, acrylic, PC or ABS. Installing your CSS CAN logger with velcro strips is quick, requires no screw holes – and lets you attach/detach your device easily.


The velcro tape can also be useful for interlocking a CSS CANedge and CSS CANmod module – or e.g. attaching a CSS USB hotspot to a CSS CANedge2. You can also use the velcro to fasten adapter cables in e.g. your vehicle to minimize clutter.

Technical Specifications

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