8 Analog, Digital, Pulse to CANBus Converter

This sensor-to-CAN module produces analog, digital and pulse measurements from 8 input channels and outputs the data via CAN bus. The module is 100% standalone, no PC required.

The compact device offers pro specs include high accuracy and high frequency sampling as well as configurable input ranges and digital thresholds.

The module integrates with any CANbus to provide data for ECUs or CAN tools. Example, you can use the module as an add-on for the CANedge.

Analog : Connect Analog Sensors

Sensors that produce analog outputs include force/pressure (load cells), current, distance (ultrasonic, laser, lidar, infrared), rotation (potentiometers), temperature, hall effect, magnometers, humidity, sound, atmospheric pressure, acceleration, gyroscopes and many more.

Digital : Connect Digital Sensors

Sensors with digital outputs include hall effect switches, buttons (for e.g. registering events), reed switches (e.g. for door/valve/latch position registration), resistance-to-digital (RTD) sensors and more. Many sensors with analog outputs also produce optional digital outputs.

Pulse : Connect Pulse Sensors (Frequency, Counter)

Sensors with pulse oriented outputs include rotational speed sensors (e.g. hall effect frequency sensors), rotational position sensors, buttons & toggle switches (event counters), frequency meters and sensors producing e.g. Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) outputs.

Easy add Analog, Digital, Pulse Data to any CANBus System

Add analog, digital, pulse data via 8 input channels to your CAN bus, e.g. for use by ECUs or CAN hardware.

  • Powerful parallel sampling of analog, digital, pulse signals
  • Configure input range for optimal resolution, amplification
  • Configure digital high, low levels include optional hysteresis
  • Quickly connect sensors via optional DB25 input adapter cable
  • Optional output signals via CAN FD for fewer frames
  • Daisy chain multiple modules for 16, 24, 32, … channels
  • Dedicated excitation signal for powering input sensors (~3.3 V)
  • Power device at 5-26 V DC via standard DB9 adapter cables
  • Optional record the data via any CAN interface, logger
  • DBC file included for easy decoding to human readable form

Log, Stream Sensor Data

CSS CANmod.input is often used as an ‘add-on’ for the CANedge. This setup lets you record e.g. vehicle data via Channel 1 and analog/digital/pulse data via Channel 2. The data can be easily DBC decoded via e.g. the asammdf GUI, Python or MATLAB.

You can also stream the sensor data in realtime via USB using SavvyCAN to view raw/decoded data (e.g. via plots), ideal for validating your setup pre-deployment or for lab testing.

Technical Specifications