CSS CANmod.gps

GPS to CAN with 3D Inertial Sensor and UDR

CSS CANmod.gps

This standalone GPS-to-CAN module produces GNSS position and 3D inertial data (via a gyroscope and accelerometer) and outputs it via configurable CAN bus frames.

The module supports ‘Untethered Dead Reckoning’, meaning that even if the GNSS signal is lost entirely, the module can deliver continuous positioning through IMU-based estimates (no external inputs required).

Customer can integrate the module with any CAN bus, e.g. vehicle networks or CAN hardware. As an example, Customer can use it as a plug and play add-on module for the CANedge.

The Antenna is Included.

Key Features

Position Enhanced by “Sensor Fusion”

The module ouputs 1 Hz position and satellite status. It supports GPS/Galileo/BeiDou/GLONASS and uses sensor fusion to deliver high precision with UDR support (Untethered Dead Reckoning).

Sensor Fusion


Speed data is useful in e.g. fleet telematics to identify speeding, idle time, asset utilization rates and more.



Altitude can be a key parameter in e.g. the analysis of fuel/battery consumption in a vehicle – or e.g. in aerospace applications like drones, planes etc.


Attitude (Roll, Pitch, Heading)

The CANmod.gps uses GNSS/IMU sensor fusion to provide attitude data, enabling a complete 3D picture of the asset orientation at any given time.

Attitude - Roll Pitch Heading

Odometer Distance Since Power On and Total

Odometer data enables easy tracking of the distance travelled by the asset both in total (since reset) and per trip (since last module power cycle).

Odometer Distance

3D IMU Angular Rate

The 100 Hz angular rate data can be used in e.g. the analysis of driving behavior and vehicle dynamics (tire/suspension, turning, drifting, …).

3D IMU Angular Rate

3D IMU Acceleration Rate

The 100 Hz acceleration data can be used in e.g. analysis of road/driving quality (speed bumps, harsh braking, …) and predictive maintenance.

3D IMU Acceleration Rate


The module can output the status of configurable circular geofences at 1 Hz – useful for e.g. theft prevention, safety improvements, process automation and more.


Timestamps Epoch Date & Time

The CANmod.gps outputs a high precision epoch timestamp is useful in providing historical date/time for the GNSS/IMU data and e.g. syncing the internal time of connected CAN hardware.

Canedge2 GNSS IMU 3

CSS CANmod.gps comes with a u-blox GPS antenna with magnet foot and 4 status LEDs

Install CSS CANmod.gps ‘standalone’ in any CAN system (cars, trucks, ships, …) to transmit configurable CAN frames with GNSS/IMU data into the existing CAN traffic

CSS CANmod.gps module can e.g. be used as a plug & play add-on for the CSS CANedge (powered via 2nd port) – letting you combine CAN/LIN data with timesynced GNSS/IMU data

Deploy CSS CANmod.gps to output data directly into your CSS CAN bus, the data can e.g. be used by other ECUs on the network

Easy add GNSS/IMU Data to any CANBus System

CSS CANmod.gps makes it easy to add position and 3D inertial data to your CAN bus – e.g. for use by ECUs or CAN hardware.

  • Compatible with any high speed CAN bus (2.0A, 2.0B)
  • Fully configure CAN IDs, bit rate and message frequency
  • Power at 5-26 V DC via standard DB9 adapter cables
  • Optionally record the data via any CAN interface/logger
  • Use as add-on for the CANedge (power via 2nd port)
  • DBC file included for easy decoding to human readable form
  • White label e.g. for inclusion in your production

Add GNSS/IMU Data to your CANedge Log Files

Easy enhance your CANedge2 CAN/LIN data with GNSS/IMU information by connecting the CANmod.gps to the 2nd port.

Technical Specifications

General Table
Sensor - GNSS/IMU Table
Data Parameters Table
CAN Bus Table
Configuration Table
Electrical Table
Mechanical Table