CSS CL2000

CANBus Datalogger (With RTC)

CSS CL2000

The plug & play CL2000 CAN logger records CAN bus data to an 8 GB SD card and timestamps it with a realtime clock.

The CL2000 can operate as a CAN bus interface for realtime USB streaming.

The CAN logger is ideal for vehicle fleet management (trucks, buses, harvesters, cars, …), prototype field testing, diagnostics or reverse engineering.

CSS CL2000

Compact CAN Logger with SD Card

CSS CL2000 lets you log date & time stamped raw CAN data to an 8-32 GB SD card, standalone with no PC required:

  • Power via CAN connector (<1W power consumption)
  • Auto detect bit rate, no configuration required
  • Log raw CAN data in simple CSV style format
  • Easily extract data from the SD card via USB
  • Configure device via simple CONFIG.INI file
  • Silent mode, filters, transmit lists, cyclic logging
  • Timestamp data via realtime clock (battery backup)
CSS CL2000

CAN streaming in SavvyCAN

CSS CL2000 can stream raw CAN data via USB to your PC for realtime analysis:

  • Stream raw CAN data in flexible views (filters, traces, …)
  • Send CAN frames into your CAN bus with realtime control
  • Display human, readable form via DBC files (include J1939)
  • Create realtime plots of decoded signals like speed, RPM, …
  • Highlight bit/byte changes per CAN ID via the “sniffer view”
  • Quickly plot “hypothesis signals” for reverse engineering
  • Load CLX000 log files for post processing analysis
CANvas Software

Free CANvas Software

CANvas lets you easily configure your CL1000 and DBC decode logged CAN data to human readable form.

  • Convert log files with DBC & OBD2 support
  • Merge log files or append to an existing output file
  • Convert log files to ASC (Vector) or TRC (PEAK) format
  • Export output as CSV for e.g. Excel pivots

Technical Specifications

General Table
CAN Bus Table
Data Logging Table
Supply Table
Mechanical Table