CSS CANedge2 (SD + WIFI)

2 Ch CANBus Data Logger (SD and WIFI)

CSS CANedge2 (SD + WIFI)

The plug and play 2 Ch CAN/LIN logger records timestamped CAN data (Classical/CAN FD) to the extractable 8 GB industrial SD Card.

The small device connects via WiFi access points (e.g. WLAN or 3G/4G routers) to securely push data to your server. Further, the device can be updated over the air.

CANedge2 is ideal for telematics, R&D field tests, diagnostics and predictive maintenance.

Key Features
CSS CANedge2
CSS CANedge2
CSS CANedge2
CSS CANedge2
CSS CANedge2
CSS CANedge2
CSS CANedge2
CSS CANedge2

Pro Specs CSS CAN Logger at half the cost

CSS CANedge2 combines innovative design, cutting-edge components, incredibly low costs:

  • Dual high speed CAN/LIN (include CAN FD) channels
  • Extractable 8-32 GB industrial SD Card (Months of Data)
  • Binary MDF4 log file format (Extensive Software Support)
  • Advanced message filtering and transmit functionality
  • Start/Stop logging triggers based on CAN ID and databytes
  • Silent Mode, bit rate auto detection, cyclic logging
  • Data Compression and Encryption (E.g. For GDPR, CCPA)
  • Support for CAN/LIN error frame logging
  • Fast boot time, safely disconnect during use
  • Compact Size of 52.5 x 81.4 x 24.5 mm)
  • Robust Aluminium Enclosure, weights 100G
Innovate Design

Reinventing Telematics

Fleet telematics is vital across vehicles and machines.

Users face challenges, expensive subscription. No data ownership. Security concerns. Vendor Lock-in.

CSS CANedge2 provides a modern alternative:

  • Upload data to your own local/dedicated cloud server
  • Simply add WiFi access point and server details to the config
  • Log data to the SD and auto upload when connected to WiFi
  • Configure file split size/period to control upload frequency
  • 100% secure, HTTPs, credential encryption and more
  • Manage via over the air updates (firmware and configuration)
  • Power e.g. a 4G hotspot or GPS to CAN via the 2nd port
  • Zero fees. Zero lock in. Interoperable. Open source tools
CSS Website

Open Source Software/API Naturally

CSS CANedge2 uses open formats (MDF4 data, JSON config, S3 Server) and all software/APIs are 100% free and open source.

The software toolbox includes:

  • Editors – Easily modify your device config (online/offline)
  • Converters – Convert data to Vector ASC, PEAK TRC, CSV, …
  • asammdf GUI – DBC convert, plot and export your data
  • Python API – Automate your data processing and integrations
  • Dashboards – Visualize data in custom browser dashboards
  • CANcloud – Manage connected CANedge2 devices and data
  • S3 drive – Mount your S3 server as a “local drive”

Technical Specifications

General Table
CANBus Table
LIN Bus Table
Data Logging Table
WiFi Table
Security Table
Electrical Table
Mechanical Table