CSS Contactless CAN Bus Reader

Contactless CAN Bus Reader

Need to log CAN bus data directly from the CAN H/L wiring harness?

Now you can, without cutting CAN wires.

CSS contactless CAN reader parses the raw CAN data to your CAN logger via non-invasive electromagnetic fields – ensuring your warranty is kept.

CSS adapter is particularly compact and robust, making it ideal for permanent installations.

Key Features
Contactless CAN Bus Reader

About the CSS contactless CAN reader

CSS adapter enables safe reading of data from the CAN L/H wiring harness (e.g. in vehicles / machinery). It can be used to connect your CAN logger e.g. when connectors are not available or if preferred for warranty reasons.

Comparison vs. CANCrocodile

CSS adapter provides almost identical functionality to the CSS CANCrocodile (CH1). This adapter is slightly more compact, making it ideal for long-term installations. On the other hand, the CSS CANCrocodile also supports 1M bit-rates and has two LEDs, which may be preferable in some use cases.


Connect the adapter as follows:

  1. Carefully open the housing with a plastic pry tool as per the visual
  2. Correctly insert the CAN-H/CAN-L wires on the marked surface
  3. Close the housing, engaging the latch
  4. Optionally seal the housing (recommended)
Contactless CAN Bus Reader Installation

Next, connect your CAN logger:

  1. Connect the DB9 to the CANedge CH1
  2. Connect the DC connector to a power supply (e.g. cigarette receptacle)
  3. Configure your bit-rate to match the CAN bus (auto-detect will not work)
  4. Ensure your CAN logger is not using silent mode
Contactless CAN Bus Reader Installation
Installation Steps

Technical Specifications


DB9-to-Molex Length100 cm
DB9-to-DC Length20 cm
Adapter DC Connector5.5 mm (ID) x 2.1 mm (CPD)
Adapter Head40 x 18 x 17 mm
DB9 Adapter PinsIn accordance with CiA 303-1
CompatibilityHigh Speed CAN Bus (ISO 11898-2) incl. SAE J1939, OBD2, NMEA, CANopen
Bit Ratesfrom 5K up to 500K (1M and/or CAN FD are not supported)
Nominal Supply Voltage10-30 V
Current ConsumptionAt 12V less than 6.9 mA (working)
TemperatureOperating temperature: -25degC to +85degC
Weight (excl. CAN logger)80G
IP RatingIP30

DB9 Adapter pinout

DB9 (female)FunctionDC Connector