CSS Contactless CAN Bus Reader

Need to log CSS CAN bus data directly from the CAN L/H wiring harness?

You can do that without cutting CSS CAN wires.

CSS CANCrocodile contactless CAN reader parses the raw CAN data to your CAN logger via non-invasive electromagnetic fields ensuring your warranty is kept.

CSS offer two options: The CH1 option includes a CSS DB9-DC adapter, which lets you power your CSS CAN logger and CSS CANCrocodile via an external power supply (e.g. a vehicle battery or cigarette outlet). The CH2 option is designed for use with the 2nd port of the CSS CANedge series.

About the CSS CANCrocodile

CSS CANCrocodile enables safe reading of data from the CAN L/H wiring harness (e.g. in vehicles). It can be used to connect your CSS CAN logger e.g. when connectors are not available or if a CSS contactless CAN bus reader is preferred for warranty purposes.

CH1 CSS CANCrocodile is ideal for logging data from a single CAN network. If you need to log 2x CAN buses, the CH2 CSS CANCrocodile can be powered via the CSS CANedge 2nd port. You can also mix adapters – e.g. a CH1 + CH2 CSS CANCrocodile or a CSS DB9-J1939 + CH2 CSS CANCrocodile etc.

Technical Specifications

CH1 Adapter Pinout

CH2 Adapter Pinout