Opella-LD Debug Probe

Opella-LD Debug Probe

Opella-LD is Ashling’s low-cost Debug Probe for embedded development with support for multiple target architectures including Synopsys ARC, Arm and RISC-V powered systems.

Opella-LD software debug support is provided via the open-source OpenOCD standard and provides fast code download to the target system with control and interrogation support for all core-processor and system resources including registers and memory. OpenOCD allows debugging via Ashling’s RiscFree Eclipsed based IDE and Debugger and the GNU GCC GDB debugger.

Opella-LD features

  • Low-cost, compact form-factor
  • Works with Synopsys ARC, Arm and RISC-V powered systems. Note: the Synopsys MetaWare
  • Development Toolkit (MWDT) including the ARC MDB or MIDE debuggers are not supported
  • by Opella-LD…please use Opella-XD.
  • Works under Windows and Linux with a USB Type-C host PC interface
  • Supports JTAG, cJTAG and SWD debug interfaces with up to 30MHz data clock rates
  • Four LEDs to indicate Power, Target Present, JTAG or SWD mode and Data Transfer Activity
  • Supports and automatically adapts to target voltages between 0.9v and 5.0v
  • Supports JTAG TAP Reset (TRST) and System Reset (SRST)
  • Dedicated with latest user documentation, drivers and OPENOCD configuration files for all target architectures.
Opella-LD Debug Probe

Opella-LD is provided with “flying-leads” allowing easy
connection to your target. Dedicated adapters are also provided for the MIPI/Arm Coresight 10-way target footprint as shown
here to the left.

Order Codes

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Opella-LD Debug ProbeOPELLA-LD