Locking Well Caps for Leveloggers

The Model 3001 Levelogger Well Cap Assembly is designed to fit 2″, or 4″ wells with a Reducer, and provides options for installing Leveloggers water level dataloggers with wireline, cord, or Direct Read Cables. The Well Cap can suspend a Levelogger 5 and Barologger 5 in one well, and still provides an access hole for other monitoring equipment. The Cap can be securely locked shut, and is vented to equalize atmospheric pressure.

  • One design provides multiple installation options
  • Additional access hole for monitoring equipment
  • Supports up to two Leveloggers
  • Lockable, secure installation
  • Durable, sturdy design

Bladder Pumps

  • Ideal for low flow VOC sampling
  • Durable PTFE bladder
  • Optional disposable LDPE bladders

Water Level Dataloggers

The Levelogger 5 is an absolute precision water level and temperature recording device, which features 0.05% FS accuracy, 10-year battery, schedule sampling and memory for up to 150,000 sets of readings. PFAS-free PTFE coating makes it ideal for use in corrosive environments.