Tech Specs:

  • Provide WiFi (802.11b) ability to a TERN controller
  •  Convert WiFi to RS232 or TTL UART
  •  Operate a TERN controller with iPad or iPhone
  •  2.03 x 1.21 inches, 135 mA at 5V DC power
  •  Working distance of over 300 meters with a cable antenna installed
  • There are two versions of the WiFi-Adaptor: WiFi-TTL and WiFi-232.
  • The WiFi-TTL accepts TTL level UART TxD and RxD signals.
  • The WiFi-232 is ready to connect to a RS232 port. The default serial baud rate is 115,200.

General Info

Wifi Network

The WiFi-Adaptor provides a simple solution to add Wi-Fi capabilities to TERN controllers.

The WiFi-Adaptor includes an 802.11b compliant, fully certified wireless module (WizFi210, WizNet). It brings WiFi connectivity to a standard serial port (TTL or RS232). The module has all hardware and firmware to handle the Wi-Fi network overhead. No Wi-Fi specific firmware programming is required, such as TCP-IP.

Users can use simple AT commands to access the Wi-Fi network for configuration and data communication.

In a standard 802.11b wireless network, TERN controllers with the WiFi-Adaptor can be configured as a static IP address TCP Server or as a TCP Client. Clients can communicate to the server over a standard commercial Wi-Fi router.

The WiFi-Adaptor supports a Limited Access Point (AP) feature to host a direct connection with a wireless device like an iPad, iPhone, or Android-phone.

TERN offers sample firmware to allow users to operate a TERN controller with an iPhone.


WiFi-TTL or WiFi-232

Add-on Options

  1. Cable Antenna
  2. 5×2 Flat cable for RS232
  3. 4×1 plug cable for TTL