Tech Specs:

  • Easy install royalty free USB VCP device drivers
  •  USB to UART bridge for TERN controller
  •  1.1×0.65 inches, USB port 5V power
  • Three configurations: USB232A, USB232B and USB-TTL.
  • The USB-TTL interfaces with 5V TTL UART.
  •  The USB232A and USB232B interface to a RS232 port on TERN controllers.
  •  USB232A and USB232B are oriented 180 degree from each other.
  •  This prevents the USB-Adaptor from blocking other headers and connectors on the controller.

General Info

The USB-Adaptor includes an USB to UART bridge controller (CP2104, Silicon Labs) and a USB A-B connector.


USB_Adaptor, USB-TTL, or USB232A, or USB232B