Tech Specs:

With dimension of 3.6×2.3 inches, the QD8 is an expansion  board for a TERN controller. The QD8 adds up to 8 quadrature  decoders(HCTL2020 or HCTL2021) and 6 16-bit hardware  counters(82C54, can be used to count Index pulses).

The quadrature decoder allows the host controller to interface to a quadrature encoder, used to generate position pulses in a closed loop motion control application. The QD8 interfaces to a TERN controller via 8-bit high speed data bus using J1 and J2 headers.

  • Up to 8 Quadrature Decoders and 6 Index Counters
  • 8-bit parallel high speed bus to TERN controller
  • 3.6×2.3 inches, 5V


PAL, Schmit-trigger, J1, J2 socket.

Add-on Options

  1. 1.55 ns RAM (5 million sps) up to 8 chips
  2. 2.45 ns RAM (10 million sps) up to 8 chips