Tech Specs:

  • Measures 4.9×4.2 inches
  • Power: < 200 mA at 9V-12V
  • Up to 100 I/O lines
  • Up to 4 RS232/RS485 drivers
  • 4 solenoid drivers
  • LCD interface (character/LCD)
  • 3 power relays with NO, NC, COM
  • 5V linear regulator

Similar expansion boards: P300
Supported controllers: i386-Engine, A-Engine, V25-Engine-LM

General Info

Three PPIs (82C55) provide 72 I/O lines, and a special interface supports LCD modules. An on-board -12V power supply on-board makes it possible to support graphical modules as well.

The PC-CO can support as many as four serial ports, with three of the ports coming from the installed processor controller, and the fourth on an optional SCC2691.

The SCC2691 port can be configured as RS232 or RS485, while the other three are RS232. A DB25 connector provides three power relay contacts (NC, NO, COM), four solenoid drivers, and nine TTL I/O lines from the installed processor controller.


Includes 3 power relays, 24×3 I/O lines, interface for LCDs, 4 solenoid drivers, 4 RS-232 drivers, +5V, -12V power supply. Does not include add-on options or controller.

Add-on Options

  1. UART (SCC2691) + (a) RS232/(b) RS485
  2. Low power version
  3. ISA bus interface