Tech Specs:

Software libraries and demo project demonstrating TCP and UDP clients/hosts, HTTP web servers, and more are provided.

The WizNet module has a hardware LSI TCP/IP stack implementing protocols like TCP/IP, UDP, ICMP and ARP. Four fully configurable independent sockets can be handled simultaneously. It has a 16KB internal transmit and receiving buffer accessed directly through the memory bus.

A 16-bit parallel ADC (AD7655, 0-5V) supports 4 channels of high-speed (1 MHz conversion rate) analog signal acquisition. The AD7655 allows simultaneous sampling on two channels. With a precision external 2.5V reference, the ADC accepts 0-5V analog inputs at 16-bit resolution of 0-65,535.

The MMC supports mass storage CompactFlash cards with Windows compatible FAT file system support, allowing user easily
transfer large amounts of data to or from a PC.

The MMC can be driven by most TERN controllers via J1&J2 expansion headers.

General Info


Up to eight low power 16-bit SRAM chips can be installed. In the default configuration, 256KW chips are used to provide a total of 4 MB of memory. Optional 512KW chips can be used to make 8MB of memory available. The host controller can access all 8M bytes of SRAM via a 256-byte memory window.

This high-speed SRAM memory could be used as a ring buffer for high speed images or ADC data storage, for example.

Optional WizNet Ethernet module provides 10M/100M base-T network connectivity. This module represents a huge leap forward in performance when compared to other raw MAC-only embedded Ethernet networking solutions commonly in use today. It releases internet connectivity and protocol processing from the host processor, which represents a huge improvement over software based TCP/IP stacks.

The resulting system can easily handle transmissions in the 200KB/s+ range in real world applications, leaving the board free to manage other real-time behavior.




  1. 256KW SRAMs up to 8
  2. CompactFlash interface
  3. 100 BaseT hardware TCP/IP Ethernet
  4. 16-bit ADC 1MHz (AD7655)



  1. 24-bit ADC up to 6
  2. 2.5Vreference & temp. sensor (LT1019)
  3. 11 ch. 12-bit ADC (P2543) up to 3