Tech Specs:

  • Measures 3.58 x 2.30 inches
  • Up to 16 ch. 16-bit high speed ADC (0-5V, 1MHz, AD7655)
  • 10/100-baseT Ethernet with hardware TCP/IP stack
  • CompactFlash interface
  • CAN bus controller (SJA1000) and CAN transceiver

General Info

A Controller Area Network (CAN) controller (SJA1000), running at 20 MHz clock can be installed along with on-board CAN transceiver, supporting baud rates up to 1 Mb/s.

CAN interrupt and software programmable hardware reset are available. The ACU™ allows TERN controllers to be directly connected to CAN-bus. All registers of the CAN controller are software accessible, and software-buffering drivers are also provided.

A Fast Ethernet Module can be installed to provide 10/100M Base-T network connectivity. This Ethernet module has a hardware LSI TCP/IP stack, implementing TCP/IP, UDP, ICMP and ARP, and is programmed using a software socket interface.


The ACU™ is an expansion card designed for TERN controllers. It can be used to add ADCs, CAN-bus, Ethernet, and CompactFlash to TERN’s family of C programmable Engine controllers.

Up to 4 ADC chips (AD7655, 1MHZ, 16-bit, 0-5Vjcan be installed to provide a total of 16 ADC inputs. Each AD7655 allows simultaneous sampling on two channels in hardware.


  1. ADC (AD7655) up to 4 chips
  2. CAN(SJA1000) with transceiver
  3. 100 BaseT hardware TCP/IP Ethernet