Tech Specs:

  • Measures 3.6×2.3×0.3 inches
  • 16-bit CPU (Am186ER), 40 MHz, w/ 32 KB internal SRAM
  • 16-bit CPU (RDC1100), 80 Mhz
  • Temperature (sample): -40 to 85 C
  • 110/20 mA at 5V, normal/power-save
  • 256 KW 16-bit Flash, 256 KW 16-bit SRAM optional, 512-byte EEPROM
  • 40+ TTL I/Os, real-time clock
  • 3 serial ports, PWM, counters
  • 8 parallel ADC (AD7852), and 8 16-bit ADC (ADS8344)
  • 4 parallel DAC (DA7625), and 2 serial DAC (DAC7612)

General Info


The Birdbox-A can be used to convert protocols into different formats, for communication among different systems. It offers a complete C/C++ programmable system with a high performance CPU (40 MHz 188), up to 512 KB ROM/Flash, 512 KB battery-backed SRAM, a 512-byte serial EEPROM, ADC, and DAC.

The BB-A also supports a real-time clock (RTC72423), battery, three timer/counters, a watchdog, up to four serial ports, a 16×2 character LCD, and a 3×4 keypad, all of which can be packaged in a 4.8 x 3.7 x 1.5-inch aluminum sheet enclosure.

The four serial ports are RS-232 by default. The two optional UARTs can be configured for RS-485. The counters can count external events, at up to 10 MHz or generate PWM outputs. 32 I/O pins from the Am188ES are multifunctional and user programmable.

The eleven channel 12-bit ADC has sample-and-hold, a high-impedance reference input, and a sample rate of up to 10 kHz. Two optional 12-bit DAC provide 0-4.095V analog voltage outputs capable of sinking or sourcing 5 mA.

Two PPI chips (82C55) provide 24×2 bi-directional I/O lines that support a DB25 parallel printer port, 3×4 keypad, and 16×2 LCD (provided as part of the optional BB-Pack). Seven solenoid drivers can sink up to 350 mA at 50 V per channel.

A special configuration (BB-I) can be driven by the i386-Engine. The original version BirdBox supports only the V25-Engine.


Includes 188 40 MHz with 128 KB SRAM, 32 I/Os, 2 RS-232, 3 timers, watchdog timer, 512 byte EE, 7 solenoid drivers, 2xPPI, watchdog, 5V linear regulator. Does not include add-on options, OEM option discounts available.


  1. SRAM: 512KB
  2. Debug ROM (AC_0_115)
  3. Real-time clock and battery
  4. UART (SCC2691)+driver (up to 2) a) RS-232/b) RS-485
  5. 11 ch. of 12-bit ADC
  6. 2 chips 12-bit DAC (2 channels LT1446)
  7. Switching power regulator
  8. BB-Pack: 16×2 LCD; keypad; beeper; metal enclosure box

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