Tech Specs:

  • Measures 2.3×2.2×0.3 inches
  • 16-bit CPU (188), x86 compatible
  • 40 MHz system clock
  • Power consumption: 160 mA at 5V
  • Power saving mode: 30 mA at 5V
  • Up to 512 KB Flash/EPROM
  • Up to 512 KB battery-backed SRAM
  • 2 high-speed PWM outputs, PWD
  • 32 I/O lines from CPU
  • 8 additional TTL I/O
  • 512 bytes serial EEPROM
  • 8 external interrupt inputs
  • 3 16-bit timers/counters
  • 2 serial ports
  • Real time clock, battery
  • 2 RS-232 drivers and 5V regulator

General Info

The A-Core is a low-cost, high performance, C/C++ programmable, 16-bit microprocessor core module. It is designed for embedded applications that require compactness, low power consumption, and high reliability. The A-Core is a minimized version of the A-Engine. It reduces the mechanical dimensions, cost and power consumption as compared with the A-Engine.

The A-Core can be integrated into an OEM product as a processor core component. It also can be used to build a smart sensor, or as a node in a distributed microprocessor system.

By building your product around the A-Core, you reduce the time from design to market introduction, cut development costs, minimize technical risks, and deliver a more reliable product. There are three 16-bit programmable timers/counters and a watchdog timer. Two timers can be used to count or time external events up to 10 MHz. They can also be used to generate non-repetitive or variable-duty-cycle waveforms as PWM outputs.

The Pulse Width Demodulation (PWD), a distinctive feature, can be used to measure the width of a signal in both its high and low phases. This has potential in a variety of applications, such as bar-code reading. The A-Core has 32 user-programmable CPU I/O pins, plus 8 additional TTL digital outputs (74HC259) available.

The A-Core expects a regulated 5V voltage supply, and does not provide RS232 drivers by default. The VE232 or the on-board 5V regulator/RS-232 driver option can be used to provide this.


Includes 188 40 MHz with 128 KB SRAM, 32 I/Os, 2 UARTs, 3 timers, watchdog timer, 512 byte EE. Does not include add-on options, OEM option discounts available.


  1. SRAM: 512KB
  2. Debug ROM (AC_0_115)
  3. Real-time clock and battery
  4. RS-232 driver and 5V regulator
  5. VE232 interface board
  6. Sockets for expansion: one 20×2; one 20×1

Be sure to also check out the new A-Core-86, which is a 16-bit external bus version of the A-Core. It is a similar controller but with almost double the performance capabilities.

If your application utilizes high-voltage I/O, the MiniDrive88 is a controller similar to the A-Core, adding 35 solenoid drivers (supporting 0-30V I/O signals) as well as screw terminals with only slightly larger physical dimensions.

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