Temperature Digital and Analog Input SMS Alert System

The PM025 is a low cost RTU that provides 2 analog input (4-20mA) and 8 dry contact Input for the purpose of monitoring Facilities, Data Centers, Air Conditioning Server room, Back up Generators and Pump.   It is provided in Aluminium Weather Proof IP66 Enclosures with AC Powered and Backup rechargeable DC Battery power that provides up to 5 days of backup power in full power mode. Optional Alarm Beacon and Siren can be ordered as factory supplied.

The windows HMI Setup Software is freely distributed for the purpose of configuring the RTU by any users with a complete detail setup to setup the type of digital alarm, alarm threshold and hysteresis and user group phone numbers and daily health check etc.   RTU can remotely poll all the IOs and GSM status remotely via SMS. A separate digital Sensor with LED Display and Alarm Setup is available.

The PM025 SMS Alert RTU is very easy to setup by users and needs no special training.

Temperature Digital and Analog Input SMS Alert System
Temperature Digital and Analog Input SMS Alert System
RTU Configuration

Internal UPS Battery backup

The PM025 Enclosure can be provide using Weather Proof Enclosures or a Low cost Plastic Enclosures. The Temperature Sensor Display may be set a low and high temperature alarm and send Alert when the temperature exceeded user setup temperature range. Such is important to monitor in cold room, server room. The other digital input on the RTU can be use for flood monitoring, Water detector, Power Trip, UPS Trip, Power Generator activated etc. The SLA Battery is charge by onboard charger and last up to 5 days in the absence of power supply

Applications for RTU to monitor and send SMS or Email Alert

  • Monitoring Server Room Air Con Temperature, UPS and Power trip
  • Monitor Data Center Flood UPS CRACS and Sending SMS Alert facilities
  • Monitor Pump and Standby Generator
  • Electrical Panel Monitoring
  • Current and Power Consumption Remote Monitoring


PM025 GSM Alert RTU with Digital In, 4-20mA In, RS232C, Graphic LCD